BJP All Set to Call for ‘Andaman Bandh’ on 17th July As Mark of Protest Against Administration’s Monopoly

Report: Sumita Devi & Sajeet Mathai

Port Blair, July 13: The attack on a Patwari of Sagar Dweep by the Pradhan of the area Mr Shankar Das has raised much commotion and rage among the BJP party leaders of A&N Islands. Shankar Das has been absconding since the time of the incident, while the Police is on a vigorous search to smoke out the Pradhan. Following the incident, the Police has been sending summons and notices to the BJP party workers which included the State President of the party, Mr. Ajoy Bairagi. The enraged BJP workers led by the Party President have now decided to call for an Andaman Bandh on 17th July 2020.

Rigorous protests were made by the party workers yesterday in front of PS-CCS and Raj Niwas to express their anger over the Summons to the members of Home Ministry Advisory Council viz. Mr. Ajoy Bairagi, State President , BJP and Mr. Vishal Jolly, Former State President , BJP. The protesters were later detained at Aberdeen Police Station organising a huge gathering while defying the Section 144, which is being implemented by the District Magistrate following the Corona Virus Pandemic.

“It was against CRPC-160 to summon the members of Home Ministry Advisory Council”, said Mr. M. Vinod, State Vice President of the party. Police have been harassing the BJP leaders, while searching for Mr. Shankar Das, he said.

In an interview with Andaman Chronicle, the State President, BJP, Mr. Ajoy Bairagi expressed his disappointment and resentment on such monopolistic attitude of the Administration led by the Lt. Governor and the Chief Secretary to be precise.

Protests were also carried out in various parts of the Islands, all the way from Diglipur to Port Blair. Bairagi further stated that it was due to the intense pressurising by the police officers that Mr. Shankar Das is still absconding.

“We are protesting against the atrocities of the Administration”, said M Vinod He also explained that there has been no meeting of Lt. Governor’s Advisory Council since past three months. Vinod also alleged that the Administration has completely abolished the Panchayat Samiti and Quarry operations in the islands, and have been importing things from outside, which cannot be tolerated.

Concluding upon the interview, Ajoy Bairagi cleared that the party is calling for an Andaman Bandh on the 17th of July 2020 to protest against the atrocities of the Administration.

This Bandh would also encompass the issues like; internet crisis, water scarcity, stopping of quarry operations, pathetic conditions of road, bad phase of islands’ tourism and all other sectors which have gone from bad to worse due to the monopoly of the Andaman & Nicobar Administration led by the present Lt. Governor and the Chief Secretary.