Port Blair, Sept. 13: A major fire accident was reported at the Andaman Pencil Wood Works company situated at Prothrapur Junction, in the mid night of 9th September 2020. The fire had not only caused major loss to the company but had also caused damages to the residents nearby.

It has come to the knowledge of the Member of Parliament that while the A&N Fire Services had diverted all stations to control the fire, there were many other unsung heroes without whom it would not have been possible to control the fire from spreading in the nearby residential areas.

There were local youth volunteers who had come forward and braved throughout the night, in order to ensure that residential accommodations nearby could be saved with minimum damage. The Member of Parliament also takes this opportunity to acknowledge the service of MSS Water Suppliers who supplied continuous trips of water tankers, which was a major support to the fire fighters.

The MP, Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma also visited the accident site today and met the fire victims, who explained how the local youths and the MSS had volunteered to arrest the fire from spreading in the nearby houses.