Port Blair, Oct. 15: Andaman & Nicobar Police is making all out efforts to make the general public aware so as to ensure safe and secure use of the Internet.

It has come to notice that a large number of fake advertisements of various kinds eg. sale of motorcycles/cars etc. are being posted on Facebook/OLX/Quickr etc. In view of these the following precautions are advised.

1) Verify the product posted in online portal, before transferring any amount to the seller.

2) Do not believe any ID cards sent by these fraudsters especially claiming to be Army personnel.

3) Do not believe in this fraudster when they make you believe that the shipping tax amount will be returned, once product is delivered.

4) Ask for the original documents/bills for the products of the article, you intend to purchase, prior to paying any amount.

5) Verify the authenticity of website. Always check for the “https://” address of site.

6) “Never pay more money than the price of the article on pretext of GST, Shipment charges, delay taxes etc.”

7) Don’t scan the QR codes sent by the fraudsters for transfer of money. Instead, type the @upi address.

8) If you receive an email from a potential buyer/seller, check the email address carefully. A small spelling tweak here and there can fool almost anyone.

10) Never use credit cards for such payments instead use virtual credit/debit cards (one time use).

11) If you are to receive a product, try not to give out your home address. Give out your office address or the address of a familiar shop or location from where you can pick up the product.

 For any cyber related complaints one may visit www.cybercrime.gov.in or  call 03192-230668 .