Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Women's Wing Conducts Panel Discussion

Port Blair, Feb 22: The women’s Wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has launched a 10-day ‘Strong Family, Strong Society’ nationwide campaign with a view to establishing peace within the family and the society across the country. The campaign will run between February 19 and 28, 2021.

As part of this campaign JIH women's wing Andaman Zone organised a Panel discussion at the conference hall of J Hotel, Aberdeen Bazaar on 20th February 2021 at 3:30pm.

The program was presided over by experts from different fields. The program started with the recitation of verses from The Holy Quran by Mrs. A.Rehana, Member JIH Women's wing. C Haseena, Member JIH Women's wing welcomed the gathering after giving a brief introduction of Women's Wing Jamat E Islami Hind.

The program was moderated by Dr. VK. Nazma Siddique, a homeopath and a member of Child Welfare Committee working for child in need of care and protection.

The experts presented their opinions regarding various aspects of family bonding and its effects on society.

Mrs. Geetha Naveen Bhat, Educator and Nodal officer for counselling of teachers and social workers highlighted that the spiritual empowerment of families are very important and developing positive thoughts and respecting each others perception can make a family strong.

Mrs. Neeta Agarwal, Member of ANUTCPCR emphasized the importance of joint family for holistic development of a child. She also said that being kind to our parents must be our priority and the line of communication among the family members must be open.

Dr. Jochibed Vincent, Associate Professor, ANCOL appreciated the subject taken up by JIH Women's wing for the campaign. She said that family is a slice of a society and whatever happens in the family that happen in the society also. She also mentioned that there is no system of old age homes or orphanage in the Nicobari Tribal family system but the urbanization has slowly started effecting the younger generation.

Mrs. Shaima Tabrez, Ex- Banker and a trained counsellor expressed her views saying that interpersonal relationship and communication needs to be taken seriously in making families better. She said that education is very important and the safety at home is a matter of serious concern especially for women. She was of the opinion that the bonding of the family members are decreasing because of urbanisation and materialism.

Momentos were presented to the panellists on behalf of JIH Women's wing and GIO Andaman. Mrs. Sajida Zubair, Vice President, JIH Women's wing Andaman concluded the session with the message that relationship between families and society cannot ignored. She said that if we wish to see positive change in the society we need to make our families strong.