It’s always amused me some, that in the US a black man is called ‘coloured’. I guess to the white man of the old days, anything that was not white was coloured.

Today, though it’s not about the coloured folk of America I am going to write about but people, men and women who are colourful in their daily lives.

Are you one of them or are you a black and white person?

What makes a colourful person?

What makes a colourful painting? It’s the red and blue and orange, it’s a dash of gold, and a streak of silver; ah the joys of colour as they spring across a painting, and the same joys felt when one comes across a person of colour.

There is a laughter that bubbles from that man or woman: Not for him or her, the grumpy face with a frown pasted permanently across, which so many of us have plastered across our visages. But for these everything is a joke; they find something to laugh about, something to smile even when they are facing a crisis, and with this sense of humour they are able to guide people across the great swamps of depression and despair. Laughter springs eternal in them making every moment in their company colourful.

Then there is a sense of adventure: No holiday for them with their feet up, in some cottage by the sea. Oh no, for them every peak, every mountain is a challenge, and when they leave home and hearth, it is either to the wide ocean or to the tops of mountains, or gliding down from hilltop or surfing with the wind behind them. Their sense of adventure pushes them on to explore, and find out. Their passion for discovery also makes them great scientists and inventors. Theirs is a world blazing with possibilities that they try to make possible.

Colourful people are bold. They do know what fear is, but like a wall that has to be surmounted they learn how to conquer fear. Many a time their bold decisions lead to folly and failure, but they get up, wipe the dust off their pants or skirts and run to face the next danger, head on. In fact with colourful people, there is a thin line between madness and heroics, but they care a damn, and with a never say die attitude they thrust themselves into the face of danger and quite often win.

Everybody isn’t coloured. Oh no, the world would be a crazy place if it were so. We do have those who think in black and white, and without them there would be no order, but with the colourful person, come splashes of red, streaks of silver and who wouldn’t want to be in the company of such?

Are you one of them?

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