Dreams have no limits and dreaming is an easy task. The hard part is working it out and making the dreams alive. All of us dream and very few are able to keep their dreams alive. Do you have a dream you've given up on or are you close to giving up your dream? Well, before making a decision to quit, take a few minutes to consider what that means.

We all have hopes and dreams. Some people dream small while some dream big. Some of us who won't allow our self to be disappointed and refuse to fail at anything. But unfortunately we also refuse to challenge our self and because of that, we'll probably never achieve something truly great. Nothing great ever came easy. We dream in vivid color and big pictures. The downside to dreaming big, though, is we face huge obstacles every day. Those obstacles threaten to knock us back, steal our momentum, and break our spirit. Sometimes we just want to throw our hands up and walk away; we want to just quit the whole thing. In that exact moment two types of people are made: those who give up, and those who keep clawing, scratching, and scraping until they achieved their dreams. 

If you want to be the individual who keeps clawing, scratching, and scraping, here are some thoughts to keep in mind along your journey. Hopefully they will provide some encouragement in those times when your dream seems out of reach.

SELF BELIEF: The only way we will ever achieve our dreams is to really, truly believe in our self. Self belief doesn't mean that we simply fool the rest of the world, projecting confidence and self-assurance in public. Self belief runs much deeper than that. It means every night when our body touches the mattress; we have a smile on our face. An inner voice should come out saying that I did everything possible to follow my dreams from the moment I woke until those last moments before sleep. Again in the morning, we must say to our self, "Today might be the day I am finally going to achieve my dream." And we must mean it. Unless we really mean it, unless we really believe that, we've already defeated ourselves, we can’t achieve. So don't allow any room for doubt as a half-effort will only get us to the halfway only.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: The road to achieving our dreams will certainly be a thorny and rocky one. Nothing worth doing is ever simple or easy. But if we keep a positive outlook, we'll overcome hurdles and roadblocks. Never consider the roadblocks which we encounter as dream-ending catastrophes. If someone tries to knock us down or tell us that our dream is too far out of reach, smile and thank them for their thoughts. Always keep a good distance from such type of negative attitude people. Normally when people get frustrated or depressed, they get hung up on little issues which gradually develops into big time wasters. Always keep our spirits high and avoid the company of negative, defeatist personalities.

INCLUDE EVERY DAY. Get in the habit of thinking about the dreams every day. This doesn't mean day dreaming or staring into space. This simply means staying focused on the dream and moving atleast a small step towards the goal. The more comfortable we get with thinking about our goals and dreams every day, the easier it will become to fit a daily step into our schedule. 

FIX LONG TERM AND SHORT TERM GOALS. Make a list of all the important steps we need to accomplish on the way to achieving our dreams. Classify the steps into long term and short term goals. Consistently revisit that list on during the journey. Tick off the goals as you accomplish them. This is a great motivator as well. Once we see how much progress we're making, we'll begin to realize how achievable our dream really is. Everything is easier to accomplish when broken down into pieces. So chunk one big dream into ten little dreams and then we will realize that grasping the big dream is much easier as earlier pursued.

GET INSPIRED. It encourages us knowing that others have traveled a similar path and got to the end. Find inspiration in others who have achieved similar dreams before. Their success can spur us to keep focused and working. Books written by great peoples about their life experiences can reveal us about the secrets to their success. We can also apply some of their lessons to our own experiences which can be very inspirable for fulfilling our dreams. 

FOCUS ON PROGRESS: Practice makes a man perfect is all that we are hearing from decades. One thing is true with practice that it always makes progress. If we keep practicing at anything we'll get better at it. Perfection is an unrealistic standard. Don't let your progress go in vain by focusing on perfection. Each day, work towards honing a skill that will help to achieve your dreams. That may mean taking a course, joining a club, or finding a like-minded group to practice with. Those around us will help inspire the desire to practice and improve. 

SELF MOTIVATION: Self-motivation can be difficult, but it is absolutely essential if we want to keep moving towards our dreams. Nobody knows us better than our SELF. Formulate a habit of acknowledging your achievements daily. Catalogue all the achievements of the day and mentally built up the confidence that we can achieve whatever we want to achieve in our life
Take the journey in achieving the dreams as a fun part. Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are too big or too unrealistic. The biggest obstacle in achieving the desired dreams is the lack of comprehensive commitment. Total dedication is needed in every sphere of life. Our dreams may end up in smoke and signify nothing if not followed up with positive and consistent action which produces real results. So whenever we want to achieve something big, just pack up the bags and start the journey towards success.