Even a President can incite a mob!

A Lawmaker Inciting men and women to become lawbreakers!

What the world saw happening to the greatest democracy on earth should be a lesson they should never forget!

 “How many times a day should I use these eye drops?” I asked the doctor.

 “As many times as you need to,” he said, “It’s only tears!”

I stared at the bottle. I looked hard at the price. One hundred and fifty rupees for a tiny bottle of tears!

It was sad seeing my huge German-Shepherd dog, whimpering in pain. His ear had got infected, so with cotton swab, antiseptic cream and warm water in plastic mug, I slowly and laboriously started cleaning it, holding his head lovingly against me, before putting soothing medication, and adding a few drops of a pain killer! My dog looked up at me, he usually allows me to touch his wounds, and I imagined what he was asking me with those brown pleading eyes, “What are you doing master, what are you thinking off? Just cleaning my ear? Treating my wound, or what?”

The new guardian angel, who had just started guarding people on earth, sighed and all the angels nearby rushed to his side, “What happened?” they asked with heavenly concern.

“Well it’s been a tough day!” said the guardian angel, “I really don’t mind that but to get yelled at, is beyond anything I’ve faced!”

“Tell us what happened?” said a pretty angel, who was also a guardian angel for a little baby below.

Suddenly love has turned to hate in our country, with violent terms like ‘love-jihad’ on everyone’s lips. Men are being put into prisons for falling in love and married couples separated! Horrified, I just saw a video of ruffians beating up a couple who were sitting together in a park!