It’s always amused me some, that in the US a black man is called ‘coloured’. I guess to the white man of the old days, anything that was not white was coloured.

Today, though it’s not about the coloured folk of America I am going to write about but people, men and women who are colourful in their daily lives.

Are you one of them or are you a black and white person?

Was listening to Shashi Tharoor speak very eloquently on how the British looted India and about the atrocities committed. I have visited New Zealand and the United States, where the natives keep reminding the white people of the crimes perpetrated against them by early settlers.

The old grudges keep the divide open and festering, and works to great advantage by political leaders, who exploit the situation shouting, “Apologize!”

In our own country most political speeches carry reminders about Mughal invaders and English merchants cheats!

Being a writer has its drawbacks I discovered one day when I took my shoes over to the shoe shop. "New shoes!" said the shoe shop owner looking at the pair.

"Quite old," I said, "nearly three years!"

"They're still as good as new!"

"But the soles have gone!" I complained, "they started falling apart!"

 “I’m so sorry to hear you’re down with Covid!” you whisper with concern into the phone, “And if there’s anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask!”

Well, it might not be just during these times of the virus we utter these words, but maybe when there’s a death down the road, or a friend has lost his job. I wonder what would happen if that friend took you up on it, “Yes, I need help!”

 “What?” you ask desperately, your voice turning into a squeak.

 “Could you lend me a hundred thousand rupees during this period?”

- The Andaman Foodie

Since college, I have been trying different styles of cuisines at various joints and restaurants. Shifting to Andamans in 2001, I have seen the islands grow on the 'Menu' front. From not getting the 'mainland ka dhaniya patti' to getting 'broccoli', from 'capsicum' being a luxury to recently buying onion powder.  I have not just witnessed the change and growth but have felt it too.

With the growth in tourism industry, the islands saw a rise in restaurants and eating-out culture. Locals also shifted from 'Machchi surwa' to 'Chilli Fish', 'Gosh fry' to 'Barbecues'. This food revolution also saw a sudden rise on street food.