“Watch out!” I shouted as my driver swerved to avoid the cyclist then jumped out of the car and ran to pick up the fallen man.

That’s when I saw his bicycle.

 “A thundershower in October?” I whispered, as I heard thunder, saw lightning, and the sound of heavy rains. I picked up the morning papers and found that the papers had indeed predicted the same and decided to congratulate the weatherman for his excellent prediction, almost for the first time!

The other day while scanning the news in the local papers I saw this hideous picture of an ugly man; face all patched up, hardly any nose, no eyebrows and two skin projections for ears! He had been through a gruesome accident which had left him in this condition.

A magazine had labeled him, ‘the ugliest man in the world.’

By P A Padmanabhan , Chairman, EDCF

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The formation of the Earth is with 33% land and 67% of water. The fresh water is 30% and 97% is saline water. Out of which 28200 Bcm (Billion Cubic Meter) is in polar Ice and glacier and 3740 Bcm is in the form of ground water which is 800 meter below earth surface and around 4710 Bcm is in between 800 to 400 meter below earth surface.

My hands are generally not the talkative type, my mouth makes up for that, so I was a tad surprised to hear them speak, “What’s with this new act?” they asked.

“New act?” I asked my hands, “What act?”