More often than not, we speak this wonderful language called English, using words big and small, in our daily conversations, without really wondering how some of these words originally came from. The field dealing with the origin of words is Etymology. Today I thought we could have a look at some curious word origins. Some of these are English, some French, German, Latin and Greek, from which ultimately good old English borrowed and stole and enriched herself. Enjoy the words with me today!

A friend of mine, who says he is a supporter of the ruling party was quite upset the Courts had stepped in between the government and the farmers, “But we were having good talks,” he said, his face very crestfallen, “In fact I had even made a blueprint to make the talks successful. Would you like to see it?” I nodded as he opened a script and held it out to me to read, “This is how I have suggested the talks should go,” he said.

The year is nearly done. Most of us are disappointed with it, even as we feel a little older, very dejected, or that there were things we could have done better! And suddenly I can hear my late mother sing a song, she loved to sing, “Count your many blessings, name them one by one!”

My mother loved singing in the kitchen!

A friend came to me with a brilliant idea which required him resigning from his job and setting up a business. The scheme seemed good, and it was some years later I met him and found him still plodding on in his old job. “What happened?” I asked, “I thought you’d be a millionaire by now?”

 “I didn’t do anything about it,” he said gloomily, “I wish I had, because someone else came up with it and he’s doing well!”

“You are quite possessive you know,” I said looking squarely at my best friend.

“I have to be Bob, you’ve got too many friends I don’t approve off,” said my best friend with a smile.

“You don’t approve of most of my friends,” I complained.