Islands to Become India’s Far-eastern Gate-way for the Global Economy

Dr. Dinesh

CANI-SMCP ( Chennai Andaman &Nicobar Islands – Sub-marine Cable Project) is basically provisioning of Submarine Optical Fiber connectivity between Chennai and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. A successful test run was done between Port Blair and Chennai late in the evening on 7/3/2020. It is a Govt. of India project, implemented by the USOF unit of Dept. of Telecom, with consultancy by M/s. TCIL. BSNL, is the Project Executing Agency (PEA), for implementation of the Project, on behalf of DOT-USOF.

A Global tender was conducted to select an organization for actually laying and configuring the under-sea cable. The lowest bidder is M/s. NECTI, Japan. Activities include, Civil and Electrical infrastructure in the form of Cable-landing stations at nine places including Chennai. The rest of the eight places in Andaman & Nicobar Islands are Port Blair, Havelock, Hut-Bay, Car Nicobar, Kamorta, Campbell Bay, Long Island & Rangat.

Land-cables between the Beach Man-Hole (BMH) and cable-landing stations at various locations have been laid. For example, the BMH of Port Blair is near the Corbyn’s Cove beach. Currently, the under-sea mapping has been done. The cable laying has been completed in most island nodes.

Some of the basic information about the project are as below:

-               Total route length will be 2250 kms.

-               Main Segment will be Chennai- Port Blair;( Initial Equipped Capacity: 400 Gbps);Other Segments(Initial Equipped Capacity : 200 Gbps);

-               4 Fiber Pair Cable System, out of which, Two Fiber pairs (FP) are installed initially. One will remain spare. Ultimate bandwidth capacity is 6.4 terabytes per second, per fiber-pair (there are two pairs); the physical connectivity will remain within the islands and the mainland only;

-               2 ships are currently on the job. Vessel CS Strider and Vessel CS Responder. PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run) activities and Shore end installation work almost complete;

Port Blair will have hi-speed data-connectivity by April 2020, while other islands will have the same services within a few months. The Submarine cable project is about to usher in a revolution in Internet Bandwidth in the Islands. People will enjoy about a 1000 times higher speed than earlier, conservatively speaking. Of course, with increasing number of users, the speed will reduce somewhat, but still phenomenal comparatively.

The first voice-call was made on 07/03/2020 between Port Blair and Chennai, using the facility and this is just the beginning. From Port Blair to the other stations at Havelock, Long Island, Rangat, Hut Bay, Car Nicobar, Kamorta and Campbell Bay, under-sea cable is being laid currently. In some cases, this activity is also completed. Civil/ Electrical infrastructure activities are on-going, in stations like Car Nicobar, Long Island, Rangat and Kamorta.

Logistics was a very big challenge to meet the deadline, in this state-of-the-art project of global standards. But the BSNL team, in coordination with M/s NECTI, TCIL and Department of Telecom, along with the local bodies, have overcome most difficulties. The project is already a big success technologically and strategically. The real success will be visible then, when it changes the lives of the Islanders for the better, in the coming future.

Currently, the back-end connectivity are going on, in between the CLS and the local telephone exchanges and BTSs. In order to extend the extra band-width to the customers, the back-haul of BTSs are being upgraded and expanded. Similarly, DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Mutliplexer) of all Exchanges are being upgraded in the back-end. The back-bone network in various places too is being upgraded, so that they can fully utilize the newly-laid OFC infrastructure. Many units of BSNL are closely coordinating with each other and also, other agencies to tie up these loose ends. Various other clearances, like environmental clearance, etc are also being pursued in parallel. 

It will be an important development as the Islands are of strategic importance to India. By and by there will be a plethora of choice for the individual users regarding the broadband service providers. Naturally, competition will ensure that people get the best connectivity at an affordable price. The situation may lead to an IT boom in the Islands, which means, a lot of development and opportunities for the younger generation and entrepreneurs alike, even in the remotest part of the country. One can use their existing modems, etc, or may also upgrade them, if one chooses. There will be a synergy of various events, like On-line retailing will take off in a big way. The islanders can take advantage of tele-medicine and distant-education on the back of a reliable, high-capacity bandwidth and feel more integrated with the rest of the country, or the World at large, like never before. They can truly become a part of the global economy. The socio-economic ecosystem is bound to change and the Islands can be India’s far-eastern gate-way for the global economy. Individuals can become local content-providers and consultants on a global scale. The scope is unlimited and will slowly unfold in the coming times. 

The world-renowned economist walked out of the airport, after the emergency call I’d made to him, to visit our country after the series of bank collapses. “What I recommend for your nation is to spend, spend, spend!  Don’t save. That way you have guarded yourself against your banks which are going down faster than nine pins!” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “But if I spend on real estate, I will have to sell it someday, then again I will have cash in hand to put in a bank?”

“Who’s asking you to spend on things you can sell later?” asked the world-famous economist with a sneer, “Did I?”

“No!” I admitted.

“Then refrain from putting words in my mouth, I have a reputation to safeguard! What I mean is to spend on items you use once and for all!”

“Like ice-cream?” I asked.

“Brilliant! You learn fast!” said the economist, “You should be made the Finance Minister. But instead of ordering one ice cream, order ten or twenty-five for yourself! Instead of eating in a small ice-cream outlet,sit like a king, in a five-star hotel, and at the end of the day, there won’t be a single paisa you need to bank!”

“But my diabetes may go up?” I ventured.

“Exactly,” said the economist raising his voice as he warmed up to his subject, “Then get yourself admitted in a fancy hospital, and lie relaxed seeing your money well spent!”

“I don’t know,” I murmured a little reluctantly.

“Why, you don’t like ice-cream?”

“It’s not that,” I muttered.

“Then go in for chocolates, gold covered ones that will leave you wanting another slab, and another and another!”

“And then land up in hospital again?” I asked.

“Yes,” said the economist smiling, “Maybe an even costlier one. After the ice-cream episode, you know which rooms are the most expensive! Or book two or three rooms, so your family can be with you and eat the remainder of the chocolates or ice-cream that are leftover!”

“Anything else?” Iasked wearily.

“I would have recommended travel, but now with this coronavirus, I think we’ll stick to ice-creams, chocolates and hospitals. It’s a surefire way of seeing you don’t lose money in a bank collapse!”

“Is there no other way of handling bank collapses?” I whispered.

“Well there is,” whispered the world-famous economist back to me, “start voting wisely!”

“We heard you!” shouted the intelligence officer standing nearby, “Our listening devices were trained on you! We are deporting you for your inflammatory talk against our nation, and may even book sedition charges against you!”

“Bye Bob!” said the economist as he was dragged back into the airport terminal, and booked onto a return flight. I strained my ears to hear his last words to me “Stick to ice-creams and chocolates, it’s safer for you guys!” he shouted even as they muzzled his mouth. 

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Suddenly, fear has gripped the world. Not just a village or a township, not just a country, but six billion the world over are petrified. Every sneeze is looked with fear and every sniffle, suspicion.

Political leaders who sneered and jeered are now refraining from playing Holi and leaving the country, and religious leaders now advocating caution, even with the very ingredients they used in their religious uplifting, like holy water and other supposedly miraculous mysteries!

How do you and I look upon the virus? It depends on how you and I look on death?

World famous author, and motivational coach Jeronimo Almeida in his books and talks says that to be reminded everyday of death prompts us to remember our mortality, and motivates us to produce the best every day.

If I knew I was going to die today, everything I do today willautomatically find purpose.

Which means the thought of the corona virus instead of causing us to continue in our own selfish paths could instead change our focus to being a better human being for the few hours, days or weeks we think we have left.

Instead of thinking this land called India belongs to just one group of people, we start realizing we may soon leave it in smoke from a crematorium chimney or become bones in a burial ground and might as well, share this temporary piece of earth with others who also consider themselves Indians.

Or maybe the virus needs to get even closer for that to happen?

The other thought that strikes me as the fear of corona looms over us, is, “Are YOU afraid to die?” and if so, “Why?”

If we have lived Godly lives, we should not be afraid to travel, or touch theso called holy water, because the door that opens after death, is life with God.

Only, those who are not sure whether God will welcome them or not, are afraid. And maybe we have a little time before the virus hits us to remove that fear. We have time to do things God wants us to do. For starters, “Start loving your neighbour as yourself!”Even if that neighbour belongs to another faith!

Whichever faith you belong to, whichever god you worship, it is only a life of good that will take you fearlessly through the door of death.

So, instead of looking at the corona virus with fear and trepidation, look at it as an opportunity, telling us to quickly change our thinking, because my dear friend, if it’s not the virus, it could be sickness, an accident, or even old age, but ultimately YOU have to face death.

So live today like it is your last, and let our country become a better place, transformed by Carona..! 

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