Dr. Sandhya & Dr. O.P. Singh

Infertility is a global health issue affecting approximately 8-10% of couples. It is a multi-dimensional problem with social, economic and cultural implication and defined as the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse. It may arise from genetic abnormalities, infections or environmental agents, delayed child bearing behavior and certain diseases. Among them endometrosis, estrogen dependent disorder causes 25-40% infertility in women and occur wide range of women fro pre-menarche to post- menopause and diagnosis have been made in women ranging from 12-80 years of age. It is defined as presence of an endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity having multifaceted pathology. Its pathology involve various factors like genetic predisposition, menstrual and reproductive factors, life style factors such as smoking ,exercise and consumption of alcohol and caffeine. About a third of the time, infertility can be traced to the woman.

And in the midst of India becoming the world’s second worst country, hit by the Coronavirus, yet indulging in dirty politics in the state of Rajasthan, in my mind’s eye, I see a youthful lawyer, approaching a judge in some mighty court in our land, “Your honour is there no lockdown for politicians?” he cries.

Scholarship Name: The Dalai Lama Trust Undergraduate Scholarship 2020

Description: The Department of Education, Tibetan Children's Educational and Welfare Fund invites applications for The Dalai Lama Trust Undergraduate Scholarship 2020 from undergraduate degree applicants.

- Dr Nupur Gupta, Director - Obs & Gyneocologist, Well Woman Clinic

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of cardiovascular death worldwide and India is no exception with the highest rate of CAD patients accounting for over 20% of the global burden.

Although Triple Vessel Coronary Artery Disease (TVCAD) is less common among young patients (<45 years), poor lifestyle habits are contributing to a rise in such patients.

Somewhere in Rajasthan, in a police station, the phone rang and a constable lazily picked up the phone, listened carefully, frowned and then called out to his superior, “Sir, a suicide is taking place?”

“Taking place?” shouted his superior, “Go quickly, bring down the victim if he is hanging, flush his stomach out if he or she has taken something lethal, run, quick, stop the suicide!”