I've always been rather fond of John: People said he wasn't good looking but I've seen pretty girls hanging onto him and realized he was quite comfortable with himself, till last evening: "Bob you're not going to see me for a while, and after I'm back you'll have women wanting to elope with me!"

"After you're back from where?" I asked puzzled.

Decades ago, I traveled the local trains of Bombay, most often clinging to the sides of the doorway, hanging on for life. Daredevil stunts like this helped me get to my destination on time, maybe a bit disheveled, and all the worse for wear, but still passable, till better days helped me buy a first class pass.

And what a change there was.

Most of us seek approval.

How often I’ve seen a child or maybe an adult rushing home from school or work, eyes all aglow, “I’ve done well in my exam!” shouts the child to his parents, “I’ve got a fantastic order today!” says the man to his wife and they both stare with disappointment with reaction they get, “You’re supposed to do well anyway!” say the parents to the child, “Hope this order covers our rent!” sniffs wife to husband.

Maybe you don’t know, or just maybe you don’t want to read between the lines but with recent pictures of a bare chested Putin flexing muscle, or another talking about the size of his chest, there’s a new breed of leader bosses emerging even in our own country:

 “For centuries,” said a gym instructor as he helped an aged politician climb onto a treadmill, “we’ve had those damn brains ruling the world but slowly brawn fought back and today, oh yeah, we’re on a winning streak! Like they say you can’t keep muscle down for long!”

 “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in a safe house!” says the police officer reassuringly to the frightened but bold person who has decided to testify against his criminal boss! And time and again as such a courageous person decides to stand up against the powerful, and testify in a court, the government protects him or her in a ‘safe house!

At least that’s what happens in the movies!

And gunmen and bodyguards stand alert night and day, around that house!