Port Blair, May 20: A significant number of students' assignments are not  processed for evaluation, due to missing  details of students.  To eliminate such a problem, the Regional Centre Port Blair has developed the 'First Page of Assignment'  and placed it at http://rcportblair.ignou.ac.in.

The 50% of the first page is to record the complete details of the student and the assignment. Remaining 50% is to write the answers for the assignment. During handling operations, if the first page is detached from other papers, the hand-writting on first page answers will help the evaluator to match and locate the remaining missing pages.  Thus, all the students are advised to use the second half of the first page and its backside page, for writing the answers.  It is a mandatory condition to accept the assignments at study centres. Therefore, for the benefit of students, the first page format, as given at RC site, is to be used in every assignment for its purpose.