The ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair has issued the following Advisory of Kharif rice crops of Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

  • Use of quality seed (TFL/Certified)

It is recommended that farmers should use only Truth-fully labeled or certified seed of rice with good germination percentage (>80%) for higher yield.

  • Use recommended seed rate

Farmers are advised to use 10-12 kg rice seed per acre (10kg for fine seeded and 12kg for bold seeded varieties)

  • Seed sorting

Farmers advised to dip rice seeds in 1% NaCl (10g common salt in one litre of water) to remove floating chaff seeds before sowing. Seed should be cleaned well with normal water before sowing to remove salt from seed.

  • Seed treatment

Seeds should be treated with Pseudomonas/ Trichoderma @6-8g per kg to prevent seed borne diseases.

  • Field preparation for nursery sowing of rice

Nursery field should be ploughed 2-3 times for good tilth and required FYM to be incorporated for healthy seedlings. In waterlogged areas, raised nursery beds are recommended. For transplanting of one acre area, about 300 to 350 m2 nursery area is sufficient.