The Kesariya Hindu Vahini and Hindu Seva Sangh extends its greetings and good wishes to islanders celebrating Diwali festival.

Many cities have banned use of firecrackers owing to the increasing levels of air pollution and the ill effects of COVID 19 to the already affected people. Considering the above facts it may not be all wrong to celebrate the festival in a low key.

There are ways we can still celebrate the festival of lights and wish for prosperity and happiness all around the world. The year 2020 has loomed over darkness and let the festival of lights overcome the dark and bring happiness to all.

The KHV & HSS wishes this festival of lights usher a renewed resolve in each one of us to traverse the distance from darkness to light, despair to hope & tyranny to compassion. We have all had to adapt to the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, yet even amid all this upheaval, Diwali will stand tall as a striking expression of tradition, spirituality, devotion and faith. The KHV & HSS requests the islanders to celebrate DEEPAWALI with Deepak / Diya and less crackers. May this Deepawali enlighten us all and make this world a Covid free world.