Pigs constitute 27.26 per cent of the total livestock (cattle, buffalo, goat and pig) and are mostly owned by tribes and settlers and distributed in Nicobar group of islands and also in different parts of Andaman Islands. Two genetic groups of domestic pigs namely Nicobari pig and Andaman Desi pig are available in these Islands. Nicobari pig is the only registered pig breed from this islands. These pigs are generally reared under free range and/or semi intensive system. In certain locations, it is integrated with various farming system. They are fed with locally available feed materials viz. rice bran, maize, wheat, coconut, taro (Colocasia esculenta and Colocasia antiquorum), tapioca, kitchen/hotel waste, vegetable waste and poultry offals. However, in the Nicobar group of islands coconut is the main feed resource for the pigs. Pig farming has been accepted socially and culturally by certain ethic groups only. However, its trend is changing gradually due to urbanization. The farm size is usually smaller, but it is coming up in the form of commercial farms. In comparison to other livestock, crop cycle of pig farming is shorter. Generally, two farrowing per sow per year can be obtained with the harvest of 4-8 piglets in a single farrowing. However, considerable piglet mortality during weaning period continues to remain as a challenge. Particularly in rural area, pig farming is based on agricultural by-products and kitchen wastes. Traditionally free-range feeding of pig is quite common among tribal people. Most household keeps 2-3 pigs and most of the farmer’s rear pigs in the scavenging (extensive) system. The dressing percentage in pig is generally very high (65-80%) of the live weight. With a small investment and little input cost the farmers can get maximum return by following the scientific management of pig farming. In order to obtain sustainable income from this sector the following general management practices are suggested for the farmers/stakeholders.

Port Blair, May 15: The Port Blair Municipal Council has arbitrarily and illegally deducted the wages of 5 days from the monthly wages for the month of April, 2020 in respect of daily rated mazdoors working under the Council.  It has been reported that the wages have been deducted for contribution towards the LG’s Relief Fund/ PM CARES Fund.

Shri Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament and President, Pradesh Congress Committee along with all senior leaders of the party have deeply mourned the death of one of the senior Congress leader and AICC Member, Shri Pagal Mondal, 85 years, R/o Uttara Village who breathed his last at GB Pant Hospital on 14th May, 2020 at 8.15 PM and pray to the Almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul and strength to his family members.

Port Blair, May 14: Squall passed over Port Blair on 13.05.2020 from 1222 to 1223 hrs IST from Southeasterly direction of maximum wind speed 58 kmph. Light to moderate rainfall occurred at most places with heavy rain at one or two places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Forecast For Next 5 Days:

Thursday to Monday: Rain or thundershowers very likely to occur at many places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Weather Warning For Next 5 Days

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: Thunder squall (50­60) kmph, lightning with heavy rain (07­11) cm likely to occur at one or two places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Sunday to Monday: Thunderstorm, lightning, gusty wind (30­40) kmph likely to occur at one or two places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

FISHERMAN WARNING: Due to formation of well-marked low-pressure area over Southeast Bay of Bengal and neighbouring Sea and likely intensification of the system, the fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea from 15th May 2020. Those who are out at sea over these regions are advised to return to coast by today 14th May, 2020.


For any emergency/assistance at sea, call Coast Guard SAR Agency at Toll Free number 1554

The general public is advised to take precautionary measures and in case of any emergency contact in the following phone numbers of State Control Room, District Control Room and Emergency Operation Centres.

State Control Room:  03192- 238880 (Tele-Fax), 1077(Helpline).

District Control Room: 03192-238881, 1070(Helpline).

EOC (Campbell Bay): 03193-264020

EOC (Kamorta): 03193-263222      

EOC (N&M): 03192-262960                                                                                                                     

EOC (Hut Bay): 03192-284014

EOC (Car Nicobar): 03193-265241

EOC (Swaraj Dweep): 03192-282030

EOC (Ferrargunj): 03192-266527                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

New Delhi, May 13 (Courtesy: The Hindustan Times): Onset of monsoon seems to be on course with the southwest monsoon likely to advance over the Andaman Sea and the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago around May 16, according to Indian Meteorological Department.

“The conditions will become favourable for the advance of southwest monsoon over south Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea and Andaman & Nicobar Islands around 16th May 2020,” says a forecast by the department.

The department has also predicted likely light to moderate rainfall at most places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands on 15th & 16th May. Andaman Islands are also likely to experience heavy rainfall at a few places on these two days, it said.

Meteorological department tracks monsoon’s course every year as it moves from the Andaman Sea towards Kerala by the end of May. Last year the southwest monsoon current reached south Andaman Sea and Nicobar Islands on May 18, two days ahead of its normal schedule but its further advance was sluggish and it reached Kerala only on June 8—seven days behind schedule. Last year the monsoon covered the entire country by July 19—at least 4 days behind the normal course. However, it displayed even more irregular behavior during its withdrawal, which only started from northwest India on October 9—more than a month after September 1-- when it generally starts to recede.

The withdrawal of monsoon last year was noteworthy for one more reason since it happened very quickly, in a space of just a week to finish by October 16. The normal date for the completion of withdrawal of monsoon is October 15.

The meteorological department has been issuing monsoon forecasts since 2005 and it claims to have got it right every time except in 2015. Last year it predicted that the monsoon will reach Kerala on May 6 with an error margin of 4 days on either side of the predicted date.

According to the latest prediction, the southwest monsoon will reach the Andaman and Nicobar Islands four days before the regular schedule.

Port Blair, May 13: The recent weather forecast indicates low pressure area over south west of Andaman Sea and adjoining areas in Bay of Bengal. It is likely to intensify further during subsequent 24 hours and is likely to become well marked deep depression moving North-Northwestwards initially and then North Northeastwards along and off Andaman & Nicobar Islands. System may further intensify into a cyclonic storm/severe cyclonic storm as it moves further over north west Andaman sea from 15 to 18 May 20. Under its influence, heavy rain, squally winds gusting upto 30-35 knots and very rough sea conditions are likely to remain over Andaman sea upto 18 May 20.

The Indian Coast Guard has shared the weather information with civil administration including fisheries authorities. The Coast Guard Stations at various locations in A & N Region, in coordination with local fisheries authorities, are sensitizing the fishing community on persisting rough seas/inclement weather at sea and urging the fishermen to refrain from moving out to sea till 18 May 20. The Coast Guard vessels on deployment are sensitizing fishermen at sea and guiding them to return harbour. All Coast Guard establishments and ships in A & N Region have been alerted and directed to maintain highest state of preparedness to meet any contingency.

Fishermen have been advised not to venture into sea till 18 May 20. For any emergency/assistance at sea, call Coast Guard SAR Agency at Toll Free number 1554.

Port Blair, May 13: Shri Ajoy Bairagi, State President-BJP, A & N Islands has expressed his gratitude towards the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for announcing the 20 Lakh Crore package, followed by detailed description on 13/05/2020 about Phase -1 of the entire package by Finance Minister, Smti Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Minister of State (MoS) for Finance & Corporate Affairs, Shri Anurag Singh Thakur.

BJP- A & N Islands acknowledge the importance of the above said announced financial package which will surely support economy of our country to withstand the effect of COVID-19 Pandemic.