Port Blair, Jan. 12: Expressing his views on the Jarawa tribe, the Member of Parliament, Shri Bishnu Pada Ray today said that in order to protect the tribe, they have to be educated and brought to the mainstream.

It was clearly reported by the Standing Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment in its 16th report (recommendations) that many of the Jarawas themselves are now willing to come to the main stream and lead modern life style, it would not be appropriate to suppress their voice and lead them in total isolation unattended and without care, the MP said.

The Chairman of the committee Shri Dara Singh Chauhan along with 11 Member of Parliaments had visited the islands from 16th – 17th Feb. 2011 and met the tribe in their habitat. A report was then submitted to the Andaman Administration, which was then sent to the Ministry for action, Bishnu says.

In response a Sub Committee meeting was held but instead of following the recommendations of the Standing Committee it said, “There is no need for a change in the policy at this juncture, as recommendations made are already are covered by the present policy. And therefore changes in the policy if required in future A&N Administration may undertake evidence with this research study, topics for which would be suggested by the group of experts”.

It is so clear that in order to save the Jarawa, they have to be brought to the mainstream. Even Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Chairman of the Standing Committee during the IDA meeting expressed that the Jarawa has to be educated. It is their right to education under RTE Act, the MP expresses.