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Row For a Big Back

By Buvnesh

Last week we had discussed about ‘bench press’, a great way to build mass for the chest. This week let’s concentrate on building the ‘back muscles’.

The “back” is a big muscle group, which is bundled with a number of Muscles. There are numerous muscles when it comes to “the back” but begin with, let’s target the following muscles:

1. Traps aka Collar Muscle

2. Lats aka Wings.

In order to have a good muscular look a well developed Trap Muscle is crucial and in order to have a wide look from the back, a well developed Lat Muscle is crucial.

A very small portion of the trap muscle is seen to the naked eye, which in our language is called “The Belly” of the muscle, but that muscle stretches all the way down and is attached to the mid section of the back.

A very good exercise to develop the back altogether is the ‘bent-over barbell rows’.

To perform a Barbell Row, follow these steps:

1. Stand as close as you can to the dumbbell.

2. Knees bent, chest up always and lower yourself towards the bar and hold the bar at shoulder width apart.

3. Lift the bar, and ensure you keep your lower back straight.

4. Now pull the bar towards your belly button, hold it for a split second and return to the starting position and repeat for 10-12 for 4 sets with progressively increasing the weights.

Pro Tips:-

While doing any back movement, in order to get the maximum squeeze and contraction in your back, try to pull your elbows as past your body as you can. And pull the weights using your elbows. It may appear a bit difficult initially, but use it as a cue to contract your back and feel your back muscles.

Until then, keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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