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Andaman Reports No New Cases of COVID 19 Positive Today

Out of 160 Tests Conducted So far; 10 Tested Positive, 127 Negative, Results for 23 Awaited

Port Blair, April 1: The designated laboratory for COVID-19 in A&N Islands, RMRC–ICMR, Dollygunj was submitted 23 samples of suspected cases on 31.03.2020 out of which test results of all 23 persons reported by the lab as tested negative. The Department has submitted 23 more samples on 01.04.2020 of suspected cases and their result is awaited from the Lab. It is pertinent to mention that till date the UT has conducted test of 160 persons out of which, test reports of 10 persons are found positive, 127 negative and 23 awaited results. The health condition of all 10 positive tested persons are normal and stable.

Yesterday, the supply position of essential safety equipments was also improved in the Islands. The Air India flight and Army Cargo Plane yesterday bought 5.5 lakhs 3ply Mask, 550 Personal Protection Equipments, 90000 hand gloves, 8500 Liters of Sanitizers, 5000 N95 Mask, 109 boxes of Dialyzer and 03 boxes of Ventilator accessories. Moreover, 2000 PPE, 10000 kg bleaching powder and 3750 Ltr. Hypochlorite solution are being transported through DSS ship from Chennai.

Presently, 357 persons are under institutional quarantine in 18 Guests Houses/ Private Hotels who are primarily passengers of flights landed in Port Blair on 24.03.2020 and also contacts of confirmed cases. Besides, 1296 people are under home quarantine. Till date, the Administration kept 2120 persons under home quarantine/institutional quarantine out of which 521 persons have successfully completed their quarantine period and they have released from the quarantine. The Administration is closely observing the health conditions of these people by asking their health condition daily by contacting them on telephone two times in a day. Teams of Medical officers are also constituted to monitor their health condition on daily basis. In case, they develop any symptoms of cough, cold and fever, their samples will be taken and send to designated laboratory RMRC–ICMR, Dollygunj for testing. 

All people of the Islands therefore requested to inform Health Department on its helpline 102 in case they observe any symptoms of cold, cough and fever in the home quarantine persons. 

The general public have also been requested to cooperate with the ongoing house to house screening of suspected cases in Port Blair and remain in their houses during the Lock Down period to ensure prevention of spread of virus in the Islands.

  • Written by Denis Giles
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