Port Blair, May 24: In addition to the flights commencing operations with effect from 25th May 2020, the GOI/ MHA has also given approval for transportation of stranded personnel. The following sailing has been planned for transportation of stranded personnel to and from Chennai. Sailings to Vishakapatnam and Kolkata will be scheduled subsequently, subject to clearance from the respective states and availability of vessels.

Port Blair to Chennai: MV Nancowry, 1700 Hrs on 26th May 2020.

Chennai to Port Blair: MV Nicobar, 1600 Hrs on 28th May 2020.

All shortlisted personnel for the above sailings are informed through SMS. Local transportation of passengers from other Islands/ Locations to Port Blair prior to sailing to Chennai is being arranged by A&N Administration by Road/ Ship. Passengers availing sailing from Chennai shall be required to make own arrangements to reach Chennai Port from their present locations.

All passengers will be screened prior to embarkation in accordance with the guidelines of the MHA and Ministry of Health. Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to embark. All passengers prior to embarkation will be required to give an undertaking for undergoing quarantine as required by GOI.

During the voyage, all passengers shall at all times wear face masks. All passengers will be required to carry their own safety kit including facemasks, sanitizers etc. Passengers shall at all times during the voyage comply to the promulgated norms of social distancing and the advice of the ship crew in this matter. All passengers should compulsorily download ArogyaSetu app and keep the Bluetooth on always.

As per the consent received from Tamil Nadu Government, only 600 passengers will be accommodated in the sailing schedule from Port Blair on 26th May 2020. As per the COVID-19 protocol of Tamil Nadu Govt. passengers travelling from Port Blair to Chennai on 26th May 2020 will be required to remain on board for atleast 24 Hrs after reaching Chennai Port for completion of COVID-19 tests. Any personnel found positive in the test shall be sent to Institutional Quarantine, Personnel with negative report will be allowed to proceed to their respective destinations and are to undergo Home Quarantine as per protocol.

All passengers on arrival at Port Blair shall be subjected to mandatory quarantine for a period as prescribed by the Health Authorities. All asymptomatic passengers who are residents of Port Blair will be taken to their respective home for 14 days home quarantine. All asymptomatic passengers who are residents of other districts will be allowed to proceed to their respective destinations, if means are available.

For more queries regarding the sailings, DSS helpline on 03192-238017/ 245555  may be contacted between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.