Port Blair, June 12: Many vehicle owners in A&N Islands are using dazzling /powerful or intense lighting their vehicles. The section 111 (4) ANMVR prohibits the usage of dazzling /powerful or intense light at all times, when the lights of the motor vehicle are in use. In addition, it has also been found that most of the vehicles are not equipped with rear view mirror. As per section 125 (2) CMVR, 1989 all the motor vehicles shall be equipped with rear view mirror.

The traffic police has directed all the heavy goods vehicle’s owners and drivers to carry no more than 80% of goods in their vehicle. As per section 35 (1) The driver shall at all times ensure that loads, including load restraints and loading equipment, in the vehicle are stowed and restrained in such manner that these cannot slip, fall over, roll around, fall of the vehicle or produce avoidable noise, even in an emergency braking situation of if the vehicle swerves suddenly.

No driver shall drive in any public place a motor vehicle which is loaded in manner which is likely to cause danger to any person.

The load or any part thereof, or any other object in the vehicle shall not extend laterally beyond the sides of the body or to the front or to the rear, or exceed in height or weight the limits specified in the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

Hence, the owners of all class of vehicles are directed to comply with the above directions else necessary action as per MV rules will be taken.