Port Blair, July 26: How stupid it sounds when the islanders who have been forced to panic are told to take responsibility and avoid unnecessary travel. #TakeResponsibility #AvoidUnnecessaryTravel seems to have become the catchphrase of the Andaman & Nicobar Administration, the heads of which have preferred tweets over people.

The Coronavirus cases have alarmingly increased over the past couple of days, crossing the hundred mark! It did not even spare a responsible officer of COVID-19 in the islands, councillors and departmental heads, forget about the general public.

There has been a continuous plea by the general islanders to the same ‘Administrative Heads’ who preferred complete Lockdown and not follow the MHA guidelines, when the cases were in single digits in the islands during the outbreak. Astonishing it is to note that ‘Ego’ of few heading the Andaman Administration has spoilt it all paving way to convert a Green Zone into a situation where the infection has turned into Community Spread.

COVID-19 Spread in India:

In a recent BBC interview, Virologist Dr Shahid Jameel said that the government needs to listen to doctors and experts, and acknowledge the evidence.

There is no denying that the virus is more widespread now than a month ago. More states - such as Andhra Pradesh and Bihar - and more districts beyond dense urban areas are now reporting a surge in cases.

Many of them were not prepared because they largely relied on quarantining and testing people coming from other states to halt the spread. But they did not take enough steps to curb the spread locally.

Even the former strategy had gaps, because it's not possible to completely man porous borders between states. And many states also lack the means to track and test each person entering their territory.

The Island Situation:

It is understandable that the virus spread is a bit more difficult in mainland India where the borders cannot be physically sealed to contain the spread. But the irony is that a place like Andaman & Nicobar Islands which has natural borders to protect has been exposed only because of the insensible decision of the Administration.

“We were scared of this day and it has come”, said a Health Expert in the islands, who does not wish to be named.

“Suddenly the medical facilities will be overwhelmed to the extent that even salvageable cases will not be saved. We don’t need a death to get shaken up. This rise is enough”, he said reacting over the present condition of COVID-19 in the islands.

“Things are spiralling in the islands”, said an islander.

“Its high time to take a sensible decision to save the islanders. And nothing can be better than a complete lockdown for a minimum of two weeks”, she said while trying to express her shaky reaction over the invited trouble in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

“A doctor has turned positive. A political leader has turned positive. Few heads of the government department have turned positive”, said another islander while communicating his concern over the situation.

“The islanders are to be blamed too as they do not follow the SOP. I have seen even police personnel spitting inside the hospital”, he expressed.

Another islander said, “The present situation is the result of the unwise decision of the Administration. It’s the Almighty who can only help. I am baffled to see the Andaman & Nicobar Administration running Twitter campaigns, without doing anything constructive on the ground”, he said adding that the lives of the peaceful islanders are more important than the stupid Egos of the people leading the Administration.

“The Administrator should take strong steps instead of releasing appeals in shudh Hindi. Even the people are least bothered about the situation who tend to attend marriages, birthday parties etc. in large numbers”, another reaction pouring in expressed.

Yet another concerned Islander expressed, “They tell us to follow the MHA protocols? We have the best Corona insulating environment with the sea and the distance. Can’t we still monitor the incoming flow of public, quarantine and whatever else to contain?”

The present situation strongly demands for a complete lockdown to save the islanders from a massacre. It can be hoped that the Almighty give some brains to the Administrative heads to shed their egos and start thinking for the betterment of the islanders.