I, extend my warm greetings to the Islanders on Gandhi Jayanti. Mahatma Gandhi jee’s views on truth, principles and morals remain integral to India's national realization. The hall mark of his personality was severity and transparency, he always believed that cleanliness is next to godliness and  I urge my fellow Islanders to make intensive efforts to understand the dream of a 'Swachh' and 'Samarth' Bharat.

I also urge to follow Gandhiji's ideals of non-violence, liberty, fairness and religious broadmindedness, which have eternal value. We should grasp his teachings of value of harmonious co-existence, indefatigable spirit of service of mankind and mutual respect. On this great occasion let us ensure that Gandhiji’s views on truth, non-violence, communal harmony, Service of the poor, constructive work, prohibition, elimination of untouchability ,prevention of atrocities on SC/ST and women, strengthening the institution of panchayat raj,  morality and ethics remain integral to Islands’ national consciousness. I Congratulate all the Islanders for keeping the value of Gandhi jee alive in their hearts

Kuldeep Rai Sharma

Member of Parliament,

A&N Islands