Port Blair, Oct. 9: The Central Crime Station has arrested 7 drug peddlers with Psychotropic Drugs worth Crores of Rupees.

Receiving credible information on 1st Oct. 2020, that one T. Selvaraj R/o Garacharama near Kali Mandir is in possession of contraband substance, the information was immediately conveyed to Dy. SP (CID) and accordingly a raiding team comprising of Inspr. Mahesh Kr. Yadav, SHO, PS CCS, Inspr. Mohd Elias, SI T. Dilla Rao, ASI Vijay Shankar, Head Constable Shibani Biswas, Constable P. K Mondal, K. Rajendran, Raja Rao, N. Thangaraj, Mohd. Imran, G. Ravi and Chandran was constituted. The team was sent to Garacharma near Kali Mandir for carrying out the raid.

The raiding team nabbed 02 suspects and during their search, the team recovered 310 grams Psychotropic Drugs from the possession of one T. Selvaraj S/o Late Thangavalu R/o Garacharama and 1.005 Kg Psychotropic drugs from the possession of Bilash Mridha S/o Shri Shachin Mridha R/o Shiv Colony, Dollygunj.

After questioning, one more drug peddler namely N. Kumar R/o New Pahargaon was arrested from New Pahargaon and 03 more namely Supriya Sarkar, Sushamoy Mondal, Dipankar Mondal @ Kannu Mondal all R/o VK Pur, Little Andaman were arrested from Hut Bay, in a well-coordinated joint operation with Police team of South Andaman District. 

Receiving another credible information, the raiding team conducted a raid at Bimblitan near Jodakalan on the same day and recovered 2.050 Kg Psychotropic Drugs from the possession of Bishwajit Purakait, S/o Shri Haripada Purakait R/o Bimblitan. All the above accused persons were arrested under NDPS Act.

The Andaman & Nicobar Police is taking all possible steps in making these islands free from anti-social activities and is keeping strict vigil to stop gambling, smuggling and proliferation of narcotics substances in these Islands. General Public is once again requested to pass on credible information on narcotics substances, illegal sale of liquor, gambling or any illegal activity on the telephone numbers: 233307, 232586, 100, & 9474233832. The identity of the informer will be kept secret.