Port Blair, Feb 19: The organic virgin coconut oil produced by the Nicobari tribal community is now available for sale in Port Blair. The oil is being produced by the Nicobari community under a project called The Nicobars, which is meant to benefit the community while exploring ways and means to spread the benefits of the tribal knowledge to the world.  

The virgin coconut oil is extracted from organic and native variety of coconuts grown in the pristine and tropical beaches of Nicobar Islands. It is produced by indigenous Nicobarese using age-old traditional methods that has no added preservatives, chemicals, or artificial fragrance.

The Nicobarese collect ripe coconuts naturally fallen, remove the shells, dry them in tropical sunlight, hand-grate, and cold press it between trees to extract the oil. The extract is once again exposed to the sun, saturated with fine local herbs, for purity and healing.

The organic virgin coconut oil provides effective health benefits for fever, headache, back pain, body pain, stomach pain, leg pain, for anti-aging. It serves as an excellent medium for massage, skin protection, hair growth, and gives a glowing look that keeps the body active, fresh, and fit. Its now available at Rasheed Building, RGT Road, Port Blair in different sizes. 

For booking contact, interested buyers may contact Mob +918900999992,+919679582050,+917596830705 Tele no: 03192235811, 03192244750