Report: Sarpreet Kaur

International Women’s Day was celebrated with quite a pomp and show in Kamorta Island in the Nancowrie subdivision. The occasion was graced by the Assistant Commissioner, Abhishek along with the First Captain Aslam Majid. Nancowrie Island is situated where the glistening Bay of Bengal and the lustrous Andaman Sea conjoin. These islands form a central part of the full Nicobar island chains. But today this mighty island is in news not for its surpassing natural beauty but for the celebration of women who emanate the feminine essence adding more colour to everyone’s life as well as surroundings.

Nacowrie Island has been the epitome of women empowerment from a century or so when Queen Islon was bestowed the title of queen by the British authorities. Defying the basic notion of a male heir, here feminism ruled and she made her only daughter the next queen. Even after India's independence, the queen amiably ruled the islands though not officially but in internal matters it strongly persisted.

This event was aimed at felicitating women from all walks of life admiring their will power, patience and skill which makes any society prosperous and paves a way for further development. The event was organized by the administration under the umbrella of the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme. It included fun games like musical chair, tug of war, passing the ball. It also showcased small stalls of traditional foods prepared, organized with the help of tribal ladies and self-help groups.

The highlight of this event was the marathon race which was flagged by Smti Aysha Majid CTC Nancowrie. It was the first time in the history of Nancowrie that women were celebrated in such a glamorous way which for sure fits well as each woman deserves to be celebrated.