Passenger Forced to Stay Back at Baratang in Spite of Reaching On Time for Convoy

Report: Sarpreet Kaur

Port Blair, March 15: Our Islands are known for tough conditions of survival and yet strong residents who overcome all the odds and make the colourful life flourish. But some unsynchronized menaces on the part of the Administration make residents’ life even tougher. One such incident came to light when Mr Pawan Kumar Sharma R/o Dhanapur Mayabunder posted a letter to our newspaper explaining how he was halted at Baratang Jetty and was stopped from going to Port Blair via vehicle ferry without any substantial reason. Mr Pawan Kumar Sharma wrote:

I started my journey from Mayabunder to Port Blair on 4/03/21 i.e. Sunday and reached Baratang Jetty at 2:10 pm. The ferry standing was full so I and a truck behind my vehicle were not allowed on it but an entry on my name was done. After a few minutes, the police personnel on duty informed me that there won’t be any other convoy. I was exasperated as I was on time and even did my entry.  Mr Sharma further tried to contact various authorities as he needed to reach Port Blair that day itself. He reiterates:

I called SHO P/S Baratang to permit me to travel at 2:19 pm but he arrogantly replied that you have to stay at Baratang today since could not travel. I then contacted Incharge Middle Strait twice at 2:22 pm and 2:28 pm but there was no response. Next, I called the Director of Tribal Welfare and requested him to allow me as a special convoy but all my efforts were in vain.

Many such incidents often happen with North and Middle Andaman residents which makes it difficult to do even day to day activities.

“What is my fault here? I reached on time and I did the entry and still, I was not able to get the ride”, questioned Sharma.

With this letter, he aims to glorify this matter so that some solution can be brought out and no other person has to suffer the inconvenience he had gone through even when he was not at fault anywhere.