Commences Collection of Samples for RT-PCR from Little Andaman

Port Blair, June 15: The South Andaman District Administration is proactively and efficiently carrying out the testing aspect of the 5-fold strategy of COVID Management. The Mobile RAT team is conducting tests at various locations within South Andaman District. Arrangements have been made for collection of RTPCR samples from Little Andaman.

In order to conduct tests on random samples in the District and also to increase the testing facilities during the lockdown, a Mobile Rapid Antigen Testing team has been started from 20th May 2021, which visits various locations within the District to collect samples of suspected ILI/SARI cases. The team has so far collected more than 100 random samples each from different areas, which include Mannarghat, Jirkatang, Ograbraj, Wandoor, Mathura, Dundus Point, Wimberlygunj, Nayapuram, Caddlegunj, Shoal Bay, Beachdera, Bengali Basti, Brindaban, Guptapara, Rangachang, Burmanallah, Kodiyaghat, Chouldari, Gopal Nagar, Mithakhari, Namunaghar, Ranchi Basti, Collinpur, Indira Nagar, Tushnabad, Manglutan, Chidiyatapu, Teylerabad, New Bimblitan, Mile Tilak and Calicut. The results have shown a constant decrease in the number of positive cases and this can be accredited to the lockdown restrictions imposed in the District. 

In order to have a thorough check of suspected cases, the District Administration, has started RTPCR testing in Little Andaman, wherein samples are being collected through helicopter by a special team constituted for this purpose. Today samples from different villages of Little Andaman have been taken and brought for RTPCR test. The District Administration is reaching out to the remotest locations of the District in every way possible to mitigate the various problems being faced by the general public during this pandemic and lockdown.

Suneel Anchipaka, the Deputy Commissioner (SA) has reiterated that Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Isolation and Vaccination will be meticulously implemented in the District till this pandemic vanishes from the island. All required measures to ensure the safety and health of public will be prioritised. He appealed to the general public to maintain social distance and avoid unnecessary movement and follow COVID appropriate behaviour.