Port Blair, June 27: The District Administration South Andaman has been conducting random RAT Screening in different corners of the district. The RAT screening has showed very promising results with zero positive corona cases.

Accordingly, on 23rd June 2021, RAT screening was conducted at Manglutan and Humphreygunj areas in which out of 100 tests, zero positive cases were detected.

On 24th June, 108 samples were collected from Chouldari Lal Pahar out of which all cases were tested negative.

Mobile RAT screening was conducted in Aniket and Miletilak areas in which out of 90 samples, zero cases were positive.

Today as many as 106 residents were screened at Kamraj Nagar out of which all samples were tested negative.

The RAT screening by the District Administration has been showing very promising results. It is also likely that the current lockdown guidelines might also be relaxed a bit by Tuesday. Though the results are promising, the ANI Administration has called upon people not to take things lightly and to follow the COVID protocols in true letter and spirit for the safety of all.