Port Blair, June 30: When every youth in the islands are trying their best to get a slot for COVID-19 vaccination by dealing with limited slots and short time-frame for registration; a 19 year old girl from Junglighat today proved that saving a precious life is much more important than opting for vaccination.

Aksa, a 19 year old, BA First year student of JNRM has set an example that humanity comes first and saving a precious life is much more important than getting her first jab of COVISHIELD.

Today an SOS was sent to the voluntary blood donor groups ‘Friends to Support’ and ‘YBS’ for requirement of two units of a rare blood group. The blood was required for a gynec case admitted at GB Pant Hospital. Since the blood group was rare, it had already cut down the possibility of getting donors. In addition to it, many of the volunteers had already taken their first jab of covid vaccine, thus limiting the scope further.

In such a situation, when Aksa who has the required rare blood group was approached, the young island girl readily agreed to donate without any second thought. The request was made at a time when Aksa like any other youth had succeeded in getting herself registered for her slot for vaccination today.

Though Aksa had come forward and reached the blood bank, during her routine examination it was found that she did not have the required count for donation. Aksa was then asked to proceed for her vaccination. The required blood was later arranged by the voluntary donors groups, who hailed the spirit of the young island girl for having preferred to save life over getting vaccinated.    

Aksa a resident of Junglighat is the daughter of Shri Ajai Kumar, Seaman in the Directorate of Shipping Services. “My father works in the Shipping Services while my mother is a home maker” said Aksa. It was my father who encouraged me though my mother was a bit nervous over my decision for the reason that I was scheduled for vaccination today, she explained. But with the encouragement of my father, I could take an immediate and firm decision in the matter, Aksa added.

It was some time ago that Aksa’s mother had undergone a surgery and had required blood. An SOS was sent to the blood donors group and immediately the required blood was arranged. Later when blood was required for another patient, Aksa’s father had volunteered and donated his blood.

Andaman Chronicle along with Friends to Support and YBS takes this opportunity to congratulate and praise Aksa for her stand taken. The Island girl by volunteering to donate her blood today has not only proved her firm and determined mind but has also has set an example for all by preferring to save a precious life over her interests.