Member of Parliament Demands Urgent Repair of Road Stretch from Ferrargunj to Wimberlygunj Area

Port Blair, Oct. 31: The Member of Parliament of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma today requested the Chief Secretary of Andaman & Nicobar Administration for urgent repair the road stretch from Ferrargunj to Wimberlygunj area.

In his letter to the Chief Secretary he mentioned that residents of Bambooflat, Wimberlygunj, Hope Town, Stewartgunj, Shore Point, Panighat, Mannarghat, Wright Myo, Shoal Bay and nearby areas are going through tremendous mental and physical agony because of pathetic condition of road from Ferrargunj to Wimberlygunj area.

He mentioned that although a large number of public opt for normal ferry and vehicle ferry vessels for daily commute in most cases but often many Islanders have to use the roads to reach Port Blair and other places for various reasons.

The Member of Parliament mentioned that the road stretch leading to Wimberlygunj from Ferrargunj is in very pathetic shape. According to the public, the road has thousands of potholes and in several places the road has developed waves like uneven surfaces.

He pointed out that this bad road is not only causing physical pain to the public but also causing damages to the vehicles, which people buy with their hard earned money.

The Member of Parliament said that such a bad road might cause a dangerous accident in the coming days and hence an immediate step to repair the road is necessary.