Bakultala, Dec. 15: A truck of the Electricity Department today got stuck in the muddy Andaman Trunk Road at Bakultala after it tried to give way to the passing vehicles. It’s not an unusual situation to be reported but the gravity of the issue is the cause of reporting. Such incidents have become regular on the so called National Highway of Andaman Islands.

It took hours for the truck to be pulled out with the assistance of a truck of the APWD. Till then the road was jammed causing endless sufferings to the road users especially the residents of Bakultala. The incident was reported to Andaman Chronicle by a resident, requesting to highlight the pathetic condition of the road. It can be expected that the Andaman & Nicobar Administration makes a serious note of the issues being faced by the general public when it comes to traveling on the so called National Highway and ensure that a speedy and permanent solution is met before the dry spell is over.