Port Blair, Dec. 17: The Member of Parliament, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Chief Secretary of A&N Administration to direct the concerned department to schedule sailing of passenger vessels for Nicobar District atleast four times in a month. He also requested that the schedule be published well in advance so that people can plan medical treatment and mainland journey accordingly.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, the Member of Parliament mentioned that the people living in Great Nicobar Islands have been finding themselves totally isolated due scheduling only one passenger ship in the last nearly 26 days.

He pointed out that after a gap of nearly 16 days MV Sindhu had reached Campbell Bay on 6th December 2021 after which no ship schedule has been published for Campbell Bay. Before MV Sindhu, MV Kalighat had reached Campbell Bay on 20 November 2021.

The Member of Parliament highlighted that a large number of residents of Great Nicobar are presently stranded at Port Blair, many of whom are patients and attendants who have come for treatment in Port Blair while many others have reached Port Blair from mainland and are not able to reach back to Great Nicobar.

He added that similarly, there are stranded passengers for other remote Islands of Nicobar District too, who are waiting for a sailing schedule for Nicobar District.

The Member of Parliament mentioned that in normal cases four to five passenger ships used to be scheduled for Campbell Bay in a month but now hardly two ships are being scheduled for Campbell Bay which is causing great inconvenience to the public.