National Youth Congress General Secretary Rubbishes the Move, Stating that ANTCC President Does Not Hold Rights to Suspend Members of Youth Congress

Port Blair, Jan 10: In a surprising move, the ANTCC President, Shri Ranglal Halder today announced the suspension of two leaders of State Youth Congress and a member of Mahila Congress from the primary membership of the Congress part for a period of six years. The leaders to be suspended by Halder are Miss Bindiya Banerjee, State Vice-President, Youth Congress, Mr. Vikram, State General Secretary, Youth Congress and Mrs. Ruchi Ahuja, NGO Co-ordinator of Mahila Congress.

Halder in a release accused that the party leaders behaved with him in a very rude manner on 08/01/2022 and used un-parliamentary and filthy language inside his chamber. They also banged the table of ANTCC President, stated the ANTCC President.

The ANTCC President also communicated that he has written to the Superintendent of Police, South Andaman to restrain the outsiders namely Ms. Ruchi Ahuja, Mr. Vikram, Mr. Sonu Raj, Ms. Fareeda Bibi and Ms. Sunita Chabbra from entering the office of ANTCC, Gandhi Bhawan, Port Blair.

The move by the ANTCC President, Rangalal Halder has created turmoil in the party, which also sends the message of internal politics among the party cadres.

Upon getting the report of suspension of the Youth Congress members, Andaman Chronicle tried to connect with the National General Secretary, Indian Youth Congress, Mr. Santhosh Kolkunda (also the incharge of Youth Congress of A&N Islands) to find out if the move by the ANTCC President was justified. Kolkunda in his statement to Andaman Chronicle said that he has great respects for the ANTCC President and other leaders of ANTCC but the move by the ANTCC President is unauthorised and unjustified. He rubbished the move stating that the PCC President does not have any rights to suspend any members of the Youth Congress.

Indian Youth Congress (IYC) is a frontal organisation of Indian National Congress. Thus any action against the members of Youth Congress has to be taken by the Indian Youth Congress and not the Pradesh Congress Committee. He cleared that if the youth leaders are accused of doing anything mischievous, the matter should be brought to his knowledge as the General Secretary of IYC and the incharge of Youth Congress A&N Islands. “If found guilty of the charges, action against the Youth Congress members will be taken by the IYC”, said Kolkunda. The PCC President thus has no right to take any action against the Youth Congress leaders, he clarified.

Santhosh Kolkunda also explained that there are rules and system in place to suspend leaders. My question is, “How can the suspension be done without the knowledge of the Indian Youth Congress?”

Kolkunda also observed that there has been suspension of members of NSUI which has been done by the State President of NSUI and not the ANTCC President. But in the case of Youth Congress, the President has taken the liberty to take his own decisions without consulting the frontal organisation. This is nothing but infringement of the Youth Congress rights, he said.

“Are we not required in Andaman & Nicobar Islands”, questioned the National General Secretary, Indian Youth Congress.

The developments in the Congress party in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands have signalled a major divide within the party. If this continues, Congress in A&N Islands might have to pay a heavy price during the upcoming elections in the islands and in future.