International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Qualification Awarded to Port Blair Port

Port Blair, Jan 21: It is to the credit of the Port that it qualified for the prestigious ‘International Ship and Port Facility Security Code’ (ISPS) certification awarded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on 20th January, 2022. The ISPS qualification was confirmed by Capt RK Muduli, Deputy Nautical Advisor-cum-Surveyor-in-Charge, MMD, Port Blair after a gruelling 10 hour audit which involved among others, Document Review, Audit of Security infrastructure, inspection of Port Control Tower, Mock Terrorist Strike, Inspection of weapons, arms, equipment, security procedures, night exercise and illumination facilities at the Port .

As is well known, the ISPS Qualification is a sought after Certificate which announces to the World Maritime Community that the Port is safe for use. A major part of Mercantile Shipping does not risk sending their fleet to countries which are disturbed such as West Africa, Mozambique, Somalia and Yemen due to the lack of such certification.

The ISPS Certification has 3 Levels viz Level-1 is the most desirable which announces that the Port is safe for commercial use, Level-2 that the Port is under Terrorist threat and Level-3 that a Counter-Terrorist Operation is underway. Level-2 and Level-3 are short term states that indicate that Security procedures are enhanced temporarily.

The ISPS Certification will enable reputed Maritime Companies viz. Fleet Management, PIL, Dockendale, Maersk & MMD to quote the top 5, to consider their vessels safe for transit to the Port.

As the Marine sector opens and prepare for a post-corona environment, the upkeep of the International Standard would be at the forefront to ensure that the port provides a safe and secure sanctuary for Merchant Shipping. The above was possible due to the efforts of the Port facility and Security Officer, the CISF and the entire team of Port Officials.