Port Blair, May 17: The Port Cargo Wing Welfare Association of the Port Management Board, A&N Administration has expressed its sincere gratitude to the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri Jitendra Narain, IAS for the efforts made to airlift an accident victim of the Port Management Board.

In a message the Association said, “We are deeply touched by all the tremendous efforts made by our beloved Chief Secretary Shri.Jitendra Narain, IAS and his all team for helping our head worker T. Gurumurthy, who lost his left leg in a tragic incident at Haddo Harbour. Through your command, the Health Department, Airport Authority and also the Vistara Airlines showed their cooperation throughout the procedure in airlifting the patient. We the staff and officers of PMB are thankful to you Sir for the help you showed since you heard about the accident”, said a communication from Shri V.K Abdul Manaf, President of the Association.

On 16th May 2022 an accident an accident took place at Haddo Wharf and as a result two staffs of the Port Management Board got seriously injured. Shri. Nookaraj, Regular Mazdoor (ALF) who suffered grievous injuries while Shri. T. Gurumurthy, Head Worker (Shipping Godown) got his leg amputated in the accident. Both were admitted in the G.B. Pant hospital soon after the accident.

Shri. Gurmurthy, Head Worker was referred to Mainland but suddenly his condition worsened, due to which he had to de-board the flight. After his health condition was reported stable, he along with his family members have been sent through flight on today (17.05.2022). Meanwhile the health condition of Shri. Nookaraj, Regular Mazdoor (ALF) is said to be stable now.

This difficult task was accomplished with the help of PMB Officials and A&N Administration. The same has been carried out under the supervision of the Chairman (Chief Secretary) of Port Management Board.