Port Blair, Aug 7: Attracting attention of Chief Secretary, Andaman & Nicobar Islands towards the ambitious project of constructing a Bridge – cum- Dam between Minnie Bay and Mithakhadi area, the Member of Parliament of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Chief Secretary to take up this issue on top priority under UT Fund so that this project can be completed as soon as possible for the best interest of people of the Islands.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, the Member of Parliament mentioned that together with solving the water crisis problem of Andaman this project will bring remote South Andaman villages very close to Port Blair city.

He mentioned that this project of constructing a Bridge –cum- Dam between Minnie Bay and Mithakhadi area of South Andaman region (also known as Flat Bay Water Project) once completed, the Port Blair and South Andaman area will get a huge catchment area of freshwater.

He added that the massive catchment area of freshwater of Flat Bay Water Project, which will be created once this Bridge –cum- Dam between Minnie Bay and Mithakhadi area, is constructed will yield nearly 64 MLD (per day) of water for Port Blair, South Andaman and also for the growing need of Islands’ Tourism Industry.

The Member of Parliament pointed out that at present Port Blair city requires nearly 35 MLD (per day) of water and with 64 MLD (per day) of water, the Administration will be able to provide sufficient water to Port Blair, South Andaman region, Tourism Purposes and also if required water can be sent via pipeline to North & Middle Andaman (Baratang, Kadamtala, Rangat, Billyground, Mayabunder, Kalighat and Diglipur), via pipelines laid through Middle Strait and Kadamtala Bridge.

He mentioned that Andaman & Nicobar Islands receive nearly 3300 mm of rainfall every year but as we are unable to catch the rain in a scientific manner people of these Islands are getting water only once in three days. Once this project is completed Islanders can get 24X7 running water.

He added that with this project, people can reach the South Andaman region within 10 minutes from Port Blair city, as they won’t have to travel an extra 15 to 18 km through Andaman Trunk Road anymore.

According to the MP, this Bridge-cum-Dam will not only hugely benefit people of Andaman & Nicobar Islands but also will give a solid boost to the Andaman Tourism Industry by making tourism sports of South Andaman like Wright Myo and Shoal Bay, accessible via road and also by making journey of ATR shorter.

He added that the proposed Bridge-cum-Dam will also bring economic prosperity to many areas of South Andaman region and will develop South Andaman areas under Twin City Concept.