Mayabunder, Sept. 26: On September 24, 2023, members of Humane Touch, along with well-wishers undertook an ambitious ClothShare program at Sippi Tikri, Mayabunder. The initiative aimed to provide clothing assistance to those in need and it proved to be one of our most challenging yet rewarding endeavors.

The journey commenced in Chainpur, situated approximately 26 kilometers from Mayabunder and embarked on a 20-minute walk, followed by a 40-minute ride in an engine canoe across the bay. Subsequently, switched to another canoe for a 15-minute ride, concluding with a final 30-minute walk to reach Sippi Tikri. Despite adverse weather conditions, the unwavering enthusiasm of everyone involved prevailed.

Shri. Naushad Ali, a member of Humane Touch introduced the audience to the noble work of Humane Touch during the event. Shri. Abdul Aziz, ACF concluded the program with a heartfelt vote of thanks. In total, this endeavor benefited 50 individuals in need. Altogether 13 volunteers and well-wishers initiated this program.

To date, this initiative has reached 32 villages, including Shore Point, Mathura, Lamba Pahar, Namunaghar, Chouldhari, Nayashahar, Bambooflat, Hope Town, Junglighat, Habdipur, Mathura, Narsayya Pahad, Baratang, Lal Bhijan, Papitha Pahad, Ganna Dabla, Kalapahad in Mayabunder, and Kaushalyanagar in Rangat, Prothrapur, Jirgatang, Shoal Bay. Nearly 10,000 needy individuals have benefited from these programs.

Humane Touch extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who generously contributed clothing to assist those in need. To further expand the reach of the ClothShare program to other rural villages in these islands, Humane Touch requests everyone to donate gently used clothing to Humane Touch. Those wishing to contribute clothes within the Port Blair Municipal area can drop off their donations at Bageecha, Prothrapur. For additional information and donation inquiries, please contact A. Abdul Sammad, Convener of ClothShare, at Ph-9933234141 or 9531961622.

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those less fortunate and together we can continue spreading warmth and compassion to our communities.