Campbell Bay, Oct. 15: Usha international and Hope foundation jointly searched and found 15 needy women in this Great Nicobar Island Campbell Bay, for training under Usha Silai School. The Training started on 05/10/2023 in the presence of Shri. Pradeep Kumar Singh (BDO), Pralad Singh (Pradhan Laxmi Nagar) Smti. Kulsum Bibi (BOARD MEMBER) Hope Foundation and Shri Saket Naskar (REGIONAL MANAGER EAST) for Usha International, who made it all the way possible to witnessed the opening ceremony.

All the trainees received USHA silai machines as a gift from USHA INTERNATIONAL. The women are from all three Panchayats of this Island, like Campbell Bay Panchayat, Govind Nagar Panchayat and Laxmi Nagar Panchayat.

The INDIRA POINT in Campbell Bay island is the southern-most tip of India. The last village of this island is known as Shastri Nagar.

On 13/10/2023 Shri. Barnabas (CHAIRMAN OF TRIBAL COUNCIL) alongwith Pradeep Kumar Singh BDO, Smti Rameshwari PRADHAN Campbell Bay and BOARD MEMBER of Hope Foundation witnessed the closing ceremony of the Training.