Port Blair, Oct. 15: The Prevention of Cruelty of Animal Act, 1960 has provision for alleviation of suffering of animals. There are various Rules under the PCA Act 1960, which address issues concerning cruelty to animals. Section 11 of the PCA Act 1960 prohibits confining animals in unreasonably small spaces. In this context, use of Glue trap method which inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering to the rodents is not recommended.

The use of Glue traps is a cruel reoccurring practice which is a continuing Act by its user as they mostly use multiple traps and keep using within a very short period for controlling rats/rodents which is in direct violation of Section 11(1) of PCA Act, 1960 for which a person is liable to the punishment which may extend to one hundred rupees or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with both for the second or subsequent offence, which in this case is almost always happening.

The general public have been requested to make themselves aware of the provisions of the PCA Act 1960 and take active part in alleviating animal suffering.