Port Blair, Nov. 19: The Member of Parliament, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has raised urgent concerns regarding the challenges faced by the fisherfolk community in Baratang Island. In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, A&N, the Member of Parliament has demanded immediate action on several crucial matters affecting the daily lives of the fishermen.

The key issues highlighted by the Member of Parliament included:

Construction of Floating Fiber Jetty: The Member of Parliament emphasized the necessity of constructing a floating fiber jetty at Khari Basti Nilambur Ward No. 01 to ensure the safety of fishermen, who currently face the risk of crocodile attacks while accessing the blacktop road.

Construction of Fishing Net Mending Shed: To address space constraints, he has urged the construction of a fishing net mending shed at Khari Basti Nilambur Ward No. 01 between the houses of Shri Ramesh and Shri Dharma.

Construction of Fish Landing Jetty: The absence of a fish landing (slopping) jetty poses challenges for fishermen in unloading their catches. The Member of Parliament has called for the initiation of the construction of a fish landing jetty at Khari Basti Nilambur Ward No. 01.

Construction of Water Tank: He has requested the immediate construction of a water tank with a capacity of 2000 liters near the proposed fish landing jetty to address the lack of water facilities.

Providing Fishing Equipment: The Member of Parliament has urged the Fisheries Department to provide fishing nets and other materials directly to the fishermen in accordance with government norms.

Provision of Timber: To facilitate the repair of dinghies, he has called for the intervention of the Forest Department in providing necessary sawn timber to the fishermen.

Allotment of Land: He advocated for the allotment of land to fishermen residing in Khari Basti Nilambur Ward No. 01, emphasizing the benefits it would bring to the impoverished community.

Regular Visits by Fisheries Inspector: He proposed regular visits by the Fisheries Inspector to Baratang Island to understand the actual problems faced by the fishermen community.

The Member of Parliament requested immediate attention and intervention from the Chief Secretary to address these pressing issues and improve the livelihoods of the fisherfolk in Baratang Island.