Port Blair, June 21: In a grand celebration of the 10th International Yoga Day, Police Training School, Prothrapur hosted a series of events under the theme ‘Yoga for Self and Society.’ The event was marked by the participation of 305 trainees and 25 officers, led by Shri Manjeet Sheoran, IPS, Principal, and Shri M.K. Shukla, DANIPS, Vice Principal. This year’s theme emphasized the dual focus on individual well-being and the collective health of the community.

The centrepiece of the celebration was an extensive yoga session conducted in the Drill Hall. The session highlighted the participants' dedication to physical fitness and mental well-being, demonstrating their commitment to the holistic benefits of yoga. The enthusiastic involvement of all attendees underscored the importance of yoga in fostering both personal health and societal harmony.

The event began with a thorough yoga session led by experienced instructor Police Constable Brijesh Kumar Chaubey. Participants engaged in various yoga poses and breathing exercises, which are essential for improving flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. The session aimed to promote the significance of integrating yoga into daily routines for long-term health benefits.

To further commemorate International Yoga Day, a plantation drive was organized within the PTS campus. Officers and trainees collectively planted a variety of saplings, emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation and the role of trees in sustaining a healthy ecosystem. This initiative aligns with the holistic approach of yoga, which includes respect for nature and the environment.

The dual activities of the yoga session and the plantation drive showcased the commitment of PTS Prothrapur to both personal and societal well-being. By promoting physical health through yoga and environmental health through tree planting, the institution demonstrated a comprehensive approach to fostering a balanced and sustainable future.

During the event, Shri Manjeet Sheoran, addressed the participants, highlighting the importance of yoga in daily life and the need for continuous efforts towards personal and environmental health.