Port Blair, July 6: The Directorate of Social Welfare has made a significant stride in promoting the health and well-being of the 32 senior residents at the Old Age Home, Abbhyuday Complex, Ferrargunj. Previously challenged by some health issues, the facility has now received crucial supplies aimed at enhancing the daily lives of its elderly inhabitants.

Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare), expressed his commitment to the seniors, stating that "Our senior citizens are the backbone of our society, and it is our responsibility to ensure they lead a life of dignity and comfort. We are hopeful that these contributions will significantly improve their daily lives and promote better health outcomes."

In response to the urgent need for improved care, the Department has provided essential items viz Medicine Balls (help for rehabilitation and strength training), Leg Massagers (help for alleviate leg pain and discomfort), Yoga Mats (cushioning and support to painful joints, give stability and balance and reduce the risk of strain or injury), and Air Mattresses (help avoid skin breakdown by promoting blood flow and stimulating circulation in the body).

Additionally, a music system has been provided for listening to devotional songs, entertainment, and yoga classes, and a projector for watching movies twice a week and for educational purpose has also been provided. These provisions are designed to address a variety of health concerns and foster an overall sense of well-being among the residents.

Shri Dilli Rao, an inmate of the Old Age Home at Ferrargunj, excitedly shared his experience stating that "I live at Ferrargunj's Old Age Home. I'm happy to share that my body feels much better ever since we received the leg massage facility. I don't have any trouble walking now, and I sleep exceptionally well after using the leg massager. I use it twice a day and it has significantly reduced my leg pain, leaving me feeling very relaxed." He extended his gratitude to the Directorate of Social Welfare for providing these essential pieces of equipment.

This initiative stands as a testament to the Department’s ongoing commitment to the welfare of senior citizens, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve. The Directorate also requests the general public to support senior citizens for their well-being.