Pondicherry, July 9: The 5th South Zone Pencak Silat (martial arts) championship was held at Pondicherry 6th and 7th of July 2024 in which the Andaman & Nicobar Island team Coach cum Trainer, Senior Player Logarjun M added pride to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands by securing a gold medal. He is the first gold medalist from Andaman & Nicobar Islands in the senior category of Pencak Silat Martial Arts (in fight).

In the fifth South Zone championship 2024 at Pondicherry, the Islands’ Pencak Silat squad participated with 26 players and secured 13 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze totalling a medal tally of 25 out of 26 players.

Island's Pencak Silat Association A&N President and founder of Global Academy of Modern Fitness, Shihan MS Murugan, General secretary T. Anil Kumar and the Association members took part in the event.