“What eese it you are doing Donny?” asked the First Lady looking curiously at her husband, who was tenderly rubbinghis chest. “You been touchin’ yourselffer the last two days? You got an infection or sumtin’?” 

“I’m just reactin’ to the Modi hug!” said Trump, touching his chestlongingly. “Nobody’s ever given me a hug!”

“Well you ain’t the most huggable man!” said the First Lady. “Did you like it, though?”

“Yes!” said Trump, “Quite took me by surprise, one moment he was standin’ next to me and the next moment his hands were all over me!”

“And the cameras show you loved it!” said the First lady a little jealously.

“Yeah I did! Like I said, nobody’s hugged me like that before!”

“That’s what yer shrink said ain’t it? If you’d had a little more hugging, the country would have retained its love!”

“You know something?” said Trump with a shrug, “I like doing things after practisin’ some! You know where I could practice some hugging?”

“You could start with me!” said the First Lady.

“You’re a woman!” snorted Trump, “There’s more things to be done with a woman than jes some huggin’!”

“I know!” sighed the First Lady, “I knew you’d say that!”

“Okay come on woman, I know you’re gonna go into a sulk, but I need some practisin’ even before I start on you. I mean something else I could hug, jes like that man Modi! Truly a great hugger that Indian!”

“You want to hug another woman?” asked the First Lady icily.

“Well not exactly!”

“Whatcha mean by that? You either want to hug a woman or not hug a woman Donny!”

“I mean like a woman mannequin! You know what I mean? Something that won’t turn or fidget or smile while I practice. Damn it woman I’ve never done it in my life. I don’t wanna make an ass of myself, what with all the press ready to pounce on me all the time.  I need some genuine practisin’ like I told you!”

“Well there’s one lady who’s waitin’ fer you to hug her!” said the First Lady coldly, “You could start with her!”

“Where’s she?” asked Trump, flexing his little hands, “I’d love to handle this woman who’s waitin’ to be hugged! Where’s she, quick, tell me?”

“She’s in New York!’ sighed the First lady.

“Yippee!” shouted the President as he jumped into his helicopter. “Just give me her name and address will you?”

“Name’s Liberty!” said the First Lady, “She’s been waitin’ patiently fer you to hug her and give her back to the ‘Mericanpeople..!”

Modi’s come and gone and continuing to hug others all over, but Liberty and the world, still wait for a hug from Trump..!

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