Yogi Ashwini

Last time we discussed three asanas for getting a beautiful, healthy and shapely figure. These asanas are a part Sanatan Kriya and focus primarily on sculpting the body in the desired shape or form. It is important to understand here that asanas are just one of the 8 limbs of Ashtang Yog. To reap benefits of Yoga, it must be practiced in totality under the guidance of a Guru. 

Asanas must not be confused with exercise. For while exercise increases metabolic rate, asanas make it optimum. Sage Patanjali described an asana as “SthirSukhamAsanam,” it means that posture that you can hold for any long period of time, peacefully, with it giving you pleasure, is an asana. Only when an asana is perfected do you feel bliss and stillness in that posture which is indicative of you having thoroughly gone over the yoni, which that asana is indicative of.

Note:  While performing asanas ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothes made from natural materials; avoid deodorants, perfumes, aftershave...basically anything artificial. Keep your eyes closed and maintain internal awareness of the body part that is being worked upon. Maintain ujjai breathing and synchronise the movement with your breath. 

Taadasana: Stand straight with spine erect, look up, inhale and stretch your arms above the head while balancing on your toes and then exhale bringing the heels and arms down. Repeat this asana 7 times dynamically.

Teeryak Taadasana: Stand straight with spine erect. Inhaling, raise your arms keep them close to the ears. Bend to your right from the waist and in the same breath bend to your left and then come back to the first position. Exhale and bring your hands down. Repeat this asana 7 times dynamically.

Hast Utthan and Pad Hasta asana: Stand straight, raise both your hands above the head, inhale and bend forward and touch your toes. Exhale, come up and bend backward as much as you can without causing any stress to the back. Bring your hands down to your side. This is one round. Repeat this seven times dynamically.

The breath rate or heart rate should not should not go up while doing any yogic kriya. For learning how to practice the above asanas properly with chakra awareness and to reap its benefits it is advised to visit a Dhyan Foundation center in your city.

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