Laws like sedition and abetment to suicide are used conveniently by the police to harass the public. And because cunning people know such laws can be used to land you in jail, they threaten you with them. “I am going to commit suicide!”

 “What? For this small amount of money?”

 “I am going to commit suicide!” screams the man, and though you know he is doing a grave injustice by threatening you for money that is not rightfully his, you hastily give it to him. You don’t want to land in jail.

Another law used wrongly is when a couple breakup in a relationship. “Rape!” cries the woman, “He has been raping me for the last six months!”

If the man had promised marriage and then taken her to bed, then it should be judged as breach of trust and not rape, but many women cling onto their men threatening them with rape.

Finally, after the police have harassed the man and many middlemen made money, courts set them free, but not until the victim is bludgeoned, bruised and battered.

Police harassment and public harassment will continue this way as long as we have courts delivering justice after years.

What we need today is not a new Parliament building but thousands of courts to be set up all over our land.

Not only will there be less harassment, but democracy will be saved.

Democracy is not just about having elected representatives passing laws, but having justice delivered through those laws instantly. How can any judge apply his mind to a case when he knows there are thousands more cases waiting for his verdict.   

In our country we believe a man is innocent till he is proved guilty, and till they are proved such, the guilty party moves around with impunity sometimes for decades.

What a mockery we have made of justice!

And because courts take so long, the police have stepped in to become both aprehendor and judge. And since they have no knowledge how to decide right from wrong, they use not the constitution or the laws as their rule book, but the weight of the wad of cash given to them. The heavier the bundle the more leniency given to the supplier of the cash.

I hear hutment dwellers shouting for better housing, Parliamentarians asking for a better building but have hardly heard the cries of judges saying, “We need more courthouses and men and women with the scales of justice in their hands to safeguard this country.

Till they also join protests and ask for such, we are at the mercy of every little man who threatens suicide, every woman who threatens rape when a relationship is turning sour, and will be given ‘police justice’ by kaki clad judges.

Ask, shout, nay cry out for more judges and courts..!

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