Times will change my friend, and thoughts expressed here today are written for you and you alone. Whatever you are going through now, it will pass!"

These are words of comfort I need to share. Four words, you should engrave upon mind and soul and never, ever forget. Whatever, your situation today, whether you be filled with sadness or despair, whether there is boredom in your life, unease or restlessness, maybe grief, pain or hurt, 'all this will pass'..

                        Are you in misery, brother? Then I pray

                        Be comforted. Thy grief shall pass away.

                        Art thou elated? Ah, be not too gay;

                        Temper thy joy: this too shall pass away.

                        Art thou in danger? Still let reason sway,

                        And cling to hope: this, too, shall pass away.

                        Do rays of loftier glory round thee play?

                        Kinglike art thou? This too shall pass away!

                         Whate'er thou art, where'er thy footsteps stray,

                        Heed these wise words: This too shall pass away.


Legend has it an Eastern monarch asked his wise men to invent a motto, a few magic words that would help him in time of trial and distress and also be appropriate for times of joy and prosperity. The wise men thought and thought and finally came to the monarch with magic words by which anyone could be guided through life in every circumstance, no matter what happened: Words that would forever ease the heart and mind. 'This Too Shall Pass.'

When Stevenson was fighting his long battle against tuberculosis, he kept the suffering at bay by reminding himself every morning of this famous phrase.

When Lincoln was hated by millions because of his loyalty to purpose and principles, when he was bitterly condemned for refusing to consider an unjust peace, he reminded himself everyday that this too would pass in time… and that with Gods help he would weather the storm. He did.

They are comforting words for all of us to remember in times of trial and trouble, in times of hardship or affliction. When nothing else helps, it's comforting to know that no pain or grief can last forever, that whatever your burden be, this, too shall pass away.

I wonder why this message had to come out of my pen today. I know it's meant to give hope and solace to someone out there thinking it's the end of the world.                      

As certain as stars at night, or dawn after darkness,

                  Inherent as the lift of the lowing grass,

                  Whatever your despair or your frustration-

                         All this shall pass away..!

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