“Come on China, come on Pakistan, we’re going to discuss Afghanistan!”

 “Why should we come?” snigger the two countries as they slither away from the National Security Advisor’s meet. The others comprising India, Russia and Russia’s little breakaway states went ahead and had their meet, finally telling the Afghani’s in a soft friendly voice that, ‘they must not be used for terror acts!’

It was like telling a terrorist not to be a terrorist!

How do we counter terrorism, when there’s such a dismal situation here? I do believe that we will not win this war with terror, using traditional ways of fighting. Terror uses methods once thought cowardly, but that’s how the terrorist fights: No declaration of war. No trumpets or bugles. Nothing but a dagger behind one’s back!

The war against terror fought by America in Iraq and Afghanistan, using the latest guns, missiles, aircraft and arming soldiers to their teeth only made a mockery of themselves after spending trillions of their taxpayer’s dollars. Which proves that the war against terror cannot be fought on battlefields, or with guns and missiles.

The war against terror, has to be fought in arenas of peace!

Suddenly China and Pakistan whisper, afraid, “Arenas of peace?”

In the last century two wars were fought, and if you look closely, only one cause started both; justice was not administered fairly! As a result, what was considered to be an extinguished fire turned out to be cinders that kept on burning slowly, eventually bursting into flames, and enveloping the world! Today with the conflicts in the Israeli- Palestinian region and elsewhere, the same restlessness is being felt!

Look carefully at these lit embers and bring justice. If the requirements of justice are not fulfilled, the conflagration and flames from these local wars can escalate and embroil the whole world! So, put out those glowering embers and you save the world from destruction, and where except in the arenas of peace can that be done? Once that’s done, the man who loves to tote the gun, the terrorist won’t have many followers! The terrorist exists, because there is injustice!

When we weed out injustice small minority groups who feel they are being bullied by the majority will not resort to ‘cowardly’ methods to get even. Once people live as equals and are treated as equals even if they form a minority, then terrorism will have no takers.

The arenas of peace are both the Courts of Law and also a Statesmanlike Government. Judges who deliver justice quickly and impartially are needed as also political leaders who do not use divisive methods to win votes. Then and only then will stop fearing the Afghan terror threat.

Let us win this battle against terror.

“They will win against terror!” whisper the two countries who had not attended, suddenly afraid..!

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