’Twas while walking in heaven a few years from today, I chanced to see two Israelites, trudging a little slowly, like they’d been forty years in the wilderness, so I asked the angel playing her harp at the side of the heavenly road if them two were Jews, who’d crossed the Red Sea with Moses. She nodded sweetly and I hurried along the heavenly road to catch up with the two and asked breathlessly, “You two crossed the Red Sea with Moses?”

“Yes Bob,” they said, and I was not surprised they knew my name because all the saved millions here knew each other’s name without need for tag displayed across our angelic chests!  

“Why then,” I asked rather pompously, because some of we new heavenly beings still had leftovers of our earthly traits, “why did you guys, after seeing the most spectacular scene in history, keep doubting God after that and even build a golden calf? How could you guys do that?”

I thought I’d caught the two in a bind and hoped God who I knew was always around would be pleased I’d asked such question He himself must have been want to ask, “How!” I asked again, and imagined, I heard angelic chuckles from the bushes around.

The two leaned forward, and for a moment I thought ‘twas gonna be the first heavenly fight in the divine realms, but it was in earnestness they looked at me, “Bob,” said the first, “You remember the time thirty years ago, you were nearly dying?”

“Yes,” I said grimly.

“The doctors told you, you had only a night more to live!”

“Yes,” I said, “so what?”

“We heard your cries to God, and next morning that same doctor had a smile on his face, didn’t he?”

“I praised God for the miracle!” I said simply.

“For a week, and then you were back to your old ways,” said the second Israelite as he walked slow like.

“And that was not the first Bob. Again, and again, you had miracles in your life, and almost immediately we saw you back, doing things which made us want to slam you on the head!”

“Like I wanted to do with you today, with what you did, after the Red Sea parting!” I whispered.

“There are millions of Red Sea partings going on right now,” said the two, as we peered down on earth: We saw red sea waters standing straight, up around hospital beds, accident sites, and covid recoveries, and since time goes fast in heaven saw the same people going back to their old ungodly ways!”

“And yet God forgives and brings us back to Him!” smiled the two, even as I felt those nail pierced arms stretching out to same ones, including me, forgiving us even as we forgot each of our Red Sea Partings..!

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