This morning I laughed as I read a comic strip where two ugly sea creatures at the bottom of the sea, awful squiggly, wriggly tentacles spread all over sea bed, bodies ugly, revolting, beady eyes peering from a mass of quivering flesh, look at each other, point to the seabed and snigger as they see another creature crawling by; "Yuk! It's a worm!"

My own mind of comic pictures open: "Yuk!" says Mrs Snob as she sneers at a pretty woman at her husband's office party, "And where did you buy your dress my dear?" she asks condescendingly, "At the store round the corner ma'am, do you like it?" the pretty girl asks hesitatingly.

"Do I like it?" asks the lady as she nuzzles her husband, "do you think I like it?" she asks her husband, who gives her a smile and leads her to the dance floor leaving poor girl wondering about the dress she had paid a fortune to wear this evening.

People stop dancing and stare at stout Mrs Snob as she twirls around, smooches and kisses dear husband, "They are all looking at my clothes," whispers the lady happily, "Yes they are," says her husband worriedly and tries to catch the whispers that seem to be going around. "Look at him dancing with the poor dear!" says a gossip, "just yesterday my husband saw him pinching an airhostess on flight!"

"Yuk!" says the other lady.

"Yuk! He's a worm!" whispers the gossip.

From his penthouse a film star looks at slum down below and sees a slum dweller brushing his teeth, and spitting onto the road. He grunts in disgust and sees a little fellow running naked out of same hut with a skinny woman running after him, laughing and throwing water at the little fellow "Right next to my house!" he shouts, "they do all this just outside! Yuk!"

He goes inside his palatial flat, looks at an empty bed, then walks through his house looking at all the other empty rooms, "Why did you all leave me?" he screams looking at the mantelpiece in his sitting room at the family photo.

"Traitor!" shouts his wife silently from the picture.

"Alcoholic!" shout his children.  

Below he doesn't see the woman chasing her naked child suddenly stop, stretch out her hand and shyly touch her husband. The man above doesn't see the loving smile the poor man gives back to his skinny wife; he comes to the balcony again looks down and says, "Yuck!"

And I think of same comic strip where two ugly sea creatures horrible and revolting look at each other, point as they see another creature crawling by; "Yuk! It's a worm..!"

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