“Hi! Why are you waiting outside? I thought our meeting to lay out my strategy for your party to win elections was taking place inside?”

“Yes, it is, but I thought it would be better if we could meet before you meet mummy and the others inside!”

“Have I charged too much?”

“No, mummy and I have approved that!”

“Then there’s nothing to worry. I’ll lay out a win-win strategy. You’ve seen how it worked for the Calcutta madam. You’ve seen how it worked for…”

“Yes, I know that’s why we’ve called you. We want to win the country back, now here take this!”

 “What’s this?”

“The winning strategy!”

“The what? But I’m supposed to make it! I am the strategist?”

“Of course you are, and rightly so, but then it’s my family party isn’t it, so just follow this! It’s all laid out, plain and simple, and in my handwriting. If it’s a little difficult to read, my sister could always help you!”

“But it doesn’t seem any different from what it is at present?”

“Brilliant isn’t it?”

“What’s brilliant?”

“Your strategy!”

“You mean your strategy, is now my strategy?”

“I told you that’s brilliant? Now you don’t have to do any thinking. Take a well needed vacation, especially after the two third majority you just gave Calcutta madam. Go to Switzerland. Go to Shimla. Go anywhere and relax man, relax, this is paid leave.”

“It says here that mummy will be the president and you will make the decisions?”

“I like making decisions, but nobody listens so this strategy works!”

“What’s this HC, you keeping mentioning? Is it High Court?”

“No, that’s a very party term, it means High Command! Which actually means me. I know I’m not as high as my dad was, or my grandad but there’s nothing that a pair of high heeled boots from Argentina won’t solve! I like that term, High Command, it makes me feel tall!”

“May I go in?”

“Sure! Hey take the strategy notes I made with you, they are all waiting to hear you read it out to them! Hey, what are you doing? Why are you throwing them away. You can’t go in without my strategy! Hey!”

And the rest is history.

Of course this is just an imaginary story from the folds of my very active mind, and any similarity to anything you imagine it has similarity to, is just a figment of your very active imagination, not mine..!

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